10 ways to fix SharePlay not working in FaceTime on iPhone


Apple has introduced several new features in FaceTime s iOS 15 update. One of these new features is “SharePlay” which allows you to enjoy movies and music with friends via FaceTime calls, just like ‘Netflix party’. However, some users encountered problems while trying out this new feature. Here are some fixes for an issue that ShareTlay in FaceTime does not work on on the iPhone.

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Ways to fix SharePlay FaceTime does not work

There can be many reasons why SharePlay in Facetime may not work on your iPhone, such as a software issue, an application support issue, etc. Here we will tell you ways to solve all such issues on your iPhone.

Check the iOS version

If you want to use SharePlay in FaceTime, the first thing other participants should check out are the requirements for this feature. The first of the most important requirements for SharePlay is the OS version. Requires macOS Monterey, iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1.

So, you should first check the software version of your iPhone and make sure it runs on iOS 15.1 or later. Here’s how to check it out:

1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap In general.

2. Now scroll down to Eye and touch it.

3. Here you can check the software version of your iPhone.

If it’s not iOS 15, go back to General i tap Software update. If there is an update, tap Download and install to Update Your iPhone |

Make sure SharePlay is enabled

SharePlay is enabled by default on the latest versions of iOS. But since there is a dedicated switch for managing SharePlay and applications that use this feature, you should also make sure it’s enabled before you start using it. Here’s how to check it out:

1. Open Settings and go to FaceTime and touch it.

2. Now scroll to SharePlay and touch it.

3. Then enable the on / off switch on the next page SharePlay.

Make sure the application is compatible

The next thing you should check is whether or not the app you use to watch movies or listen to music supports the SharePLay feature. For now, it is only available on Apple applications, including Music, Apple TV +, and some other applications like Disney +, Paramount +, HBO Max, Hulu and TikTok, etc.

Update the streaming app

Because SharePlay is the latest feature, many app developers have not yet added support for it to their apps. However, these apps are constantly receiving updates with support for this feature. Therefore, you should check for updates for the application you are using for streaming.

An older version of the app can be the cause of your problem and only updating the app can solve it. To check for updates, go to App Store, touch your own profile icon and on the next page tap update button next to the name of that application, if available.

Check the compatibility of other participants

As you already know, SharePlay works as a two-way feature so other participants should also meet the requirements for this feature to work. So, other participants should also have an Apple device running iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1 or macOS Monterey.

Then make sure SharePlay is enabled on all devices. Note that it can be used now FaceTime and Android or even Windows, SharePlay will not be available to them because it is limited to the Apple ecosystem only.

Make sure everyone has a subscription to the app

Application support alone is not enough to make SharePlay work. You should also have a subscription to this app if you want to use this feature. Also, in addition to you, all other call participants should also have a subscription to that app.

If you can’t use SharePlay on a particular streaming app, that means you or any other participant may not have the necessary subscription to watch a movie or listen to music. However, no free subscription is required for free content.

Check out and sing in FaceTime

If you have tried all of the above, you should also try resetting your FaceTime settings and this could fix the errors. To reset its settings, you will need to log out of it using your Apple ID, here’s how:

1. Open Settings and scroll down to FaceTime.

2. Tap yours here Apple ID.

3. In the popup menu, tap Sign Out.

That’s it! Return to the home screen and after a while log in to Facetime again and try using SharePlay.

Restart iPhone

When you finish trying all of the above fixes, you may experience some software bugs in the background on your device. Therefore, you can try to restart the device after closing the application. This will undo a software problem that may be running in the background.

So, first of all, close the app by swiping your finger up from the bottom, and then restart your iPhone. Now reopen it to see if the problem is resolved or not.

Reset the network settings

You can also try the last reset, or network settings, because it works online using network coverage. However, keep in mind that resetting these settings will remove your saved Wi-Fi passwords, etc., so proceed at your own risk.

1. Go to Settings and tap In general.

2. Now scroll down all the way and tap Transfer or reset iPhone.

3. On the next page, tap again Reset.

4. In the next menu, tap Reset the network settings.

5. Enter your own Password and confirm Reset the network settings continue.

Bonus tip: contact Apple Support

If none of the above fixes work, there may be a hardware problem with your iPhone. So, you should first contact Apple Support and tell them about the problem. You can connect to Apple support via live chat your website, by scheduling a callback to your number or by visiting your local Apple Store.

So, this way you can solve the problem that the SharePlay feature does not work in FaceTime calls. For more such troubleshooting guides, stay with us!

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