2 ways to recover a lost image in Snapchat


Snapstreaks are a fun way to communicate and connect with friends. Since they only last 24 hours before they break, you always have to pay special attention to them. If you have already broken a Snapchat down with my friend, then we have a working solution to bring him back. Follow this quick guide to recover a lost Snapstreak. In the meantime, you can learn ways to fix if you can’t send recordings.

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Reasons behind the lost snapstra

If you’ve just missed your Snapstreak, it’s important to know reasons behind the resulting event. The most prominent reasons are the following:

  • Snapstreaks have a duration of 24 hours. This means that you or your friend must respond with a short shot within this time frame. If you fail to do so, your whole series with a friend it will disappear.
  • Your phone has a bad internet connection which is why your sent recordings never reached your friend. Snapchat always notifies the user if he fails to send the recording.
  • You are probably facing problems with Snapchat camera to send your recording. You can solve this problem by following this quick guide to solve camera problems in Snapchat.

The meaning of different Snapchat emojis

Snapchat uses various emojis within the app to inform the user about the different levels of the array. These are as follows:

Ways to recover lost snapshots in the application

Now that you’ve lost Snapstreak with your friend, let’s look at two ways to get it back into the app.

Using Snapchat on your phone (Android / iOS)

You can recover lost Snapstreaks from your phone by contacting Snapchat Support. This method is applicable to both Android and iOS starting devices. Follow these quick steps to do the same.

  • Open up Snapchat application on your phone.
  • Touch yours Profile icon in the upper left corner of the app screen.
  • Open Settings by touching Gear icon in the upper right corner of the Snapchat app.
  • Scroll down to find Support section and tap I need help.
  • Touch Snapstreaks.
  • Scroll down to find the text “If you think an error has occurred” and tap ‘Let us know‘.
  • On the next one contact us page, tap ‘I lost my Snapstreak‘and scroll down to find the contact form.
  • Come in required details for a form that includes you and your friend’s username. Please note that this refund request is limited to 1 friend per login. This means you will need to submit multiple return requests for each string on Snapchat.
  • Tap on Submit button and check the captcha request if requested.
  • That’s it. You have successfully applied for a refund via Snapchat support. You must wait patiently for at least 24 hours to receive an official response or action from the team.

Contact Snapchat support on your computer

If you do not currently have your own phone and would like to contact Snapchat Support to request a return of Snapstreak, then you can easily do so using your computer / laptop. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

  • Scroll down to the next page and click on ‘let us know ‘.

  • Click on ‘I lost my Snapstreak‘.

  • Scroll down to find the contact form and fill out all the required information. Once you have finished providing the data, click on Submit button to send details to the Snapchat support team.

  • That’s it. Now you have to wait 24 hours to get a response / action from the team.

Key things to remember

  • You have to wait at least 24 hours to get an official response or action from the support team.
  • If you have previously been denied a revival of Snapstreak, sending a refund request multiple times is unnecessarily.
  • The Snapchat team will update your Snapstreak just in case a legitimate / true claim. They reserve the right to refuse any unnecessary request for return.
  • Starting a new series with your friend after losing the previous one will start with new number.


So, this is a pack of 2 ways to recover a lost Snapstreak in an app. If this article helped you update your series with friends on Snapchat, click the Like button and share this article with your friends to help them too. Follow us for more such troubleshooting guides.

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