2 ways to send a text message instead of iMessage on iPhone


Sometimes when you try to send messages from your iPhone, but it doesn’t, just because you’re using it iMessage and in your area there is low network coverage. So, in such a scenario, you should know how to send a text message instead of iMessage on your iPhone. Read on to find out all such possible ways here!

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Send a text message (SMS) instead of iMessage

To send a text message instead of iMessage, you’ll need to enable some settings, and you can also send SMS directly from the messaging app. Here’s how.

Enable Send as SMS

If you want to send an SMS instead of iMessage, you can enable it in the settings. Follow the steps below:

1. Open Settings and go to Messaging.

2. Scroll down and enable the switch next to “Send as SMS”.

After enabling this on your iPhone, you can send SMS from the messaging app. This feature, however, will only work when iMessage is not available.

1. Open Messages and tap the button to create a message.

2. Now search for the contact you want to send the message to.

3. Enter your message and press the Send button.

4. Now quickly tap and hold the chat bubble and you will see a menu with some options.

5. Select “Send as text message”.

That’s it. You will see that the chat bubble will turn from blue to green, which means that your message was sent as a text message instead of iMessage.

Turn off iMessage to send all texts

If you want to send all your messages like text messages, you can simply turn off iMessage completely. Follow the steps below to disable the option:

1. Open Settings and select Messages.

2. Turn off the switch next to iMessage here.

Now all your messages will be sent as a text message instead of iMessage even when the network is available or even if you send it to other iPhone users. As you may already know, if you send to non-Apple users, they will receive text messages by default.

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