2 ways to view WhatsApp voice messages before sending


WhatsApp’s voice messaging feature is really useful at a time when you don’t want to type a long message and simply send it by talking on the phone. However, sometimes in a hurry we record something inappropriate or some background noise breaks through to the recording and we don’t get to know each other until we send it. Now, What’s up has solved this problem and you can preview your WhatsApp voice messages before sending them.

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Steps to view WhatsApp voice messages

WhatsApp has now introduced this feature for Android and iOS users and they can now view voice messages before sending. Follow the steps below:

1. Open WhatsApp and go to the chat in which you want to send a voice message.

2. Now tap microphone button to record your message and slide your finger up to lock it.

3. Below you will see a special recording window. This will include a delete button, a stop button and a send button.

4. When recording is complete, tap stop button and you will see the play button before recording.

5. Touch this play button and you will be able to listen to your voice message before sending it to someone.

Bonus tip: use another trick

If this feature is not yet available on your phone, you can use another trick to view your WhatsApp voice messages. Follow the steps below:

1. Open first What’s up and open that chat where you want to send the voice message.

2. Now touch the Mic button to record a message and swipe up to lock the capture button.

3. Record your voice message immediately return to the home screen by dragging upwards or touching the start key.

Note: Do not close WhatsApp from the application switcher or this trick will not work.

Open WhatsApp again and you will see that the recording is stopped and there is little play button and the delete button at the bottom of the screen.

You can now view the message using the play button, and if you want to delete it, you can delete it with Ddelete button.

You can also send it using the send button if everything sounds right.

Here you are! You can now preview your voice messages before sending them to anyone. We continue to do more and more tricks related to WhatsApp, you can follow us on social networks to get notified.

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