22 tips and tricks to make your Instagram reels popular in 2022


Shorts Videos has downloaded long-format video content on all social media platforms. It started with TikTok, and after that YouTube Shorts, i Instagram reels give impetus to short form content on appropriate platforms. If you want to board a wagon with short videos and create reels on Instagram, today I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about Instagram reels and how to make your reels popular.

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What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is an initiative of Facebook (Now Meta) to offer a similar feature as Tiktok, announced back in August 2020. Where you can create short videos, up to 60 seconds, previously the limit was only 15 seconds, later Instagram increased the limit. Your reels will appear on the homepage and exploration pages of other Instagram users.

How to make Instagram reels?

There are 5 ways to create and transfer Instagram Reel from your account. You can record the reel directly from the phone’s on-site camera or upload an already edited video.

How to customize your Instagram reels?

When you are ready to create or upload a reel to Instagram, then you will find many ways to customize your reel, so you can easily make your reels popular. These adjustments are divided into 2 parts, before video recording and after video recording.

Customization options

  • Adjust video length – 3 video lengths for reels are supported, ie 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds. You can switch to set the desired video length.
  • Add music – You can add trendy music or music of your choice.
  • Video speed – You can adjust the video speed and slow it down to as much as 0.3x and fast forward to a maximum of 3x.
  • Reel video layout – You can from 3 video layouts, add an effect before after or display the location at different time intervals.
  • Synchronize – This helps you capture more videos from the same angle and make your reels look more professional
  • Automatic timer for video – You can set the timer to stop recording automatically, to record multiple clips of 60 seconds.
  • Add effects / filters – You can also add a variety of modern filters or effects to add a magical touch to your reels.

Once you’re done with this pre-shoot customization, we move on to post-shoot customizations that can also help you make popular reels.

  • Adjust the volume mix – You can adjust the volume of the original Audi video, along with the music added to the previous screen.
  • Add voice control – If you want to add your voice, you can do it from here. You can apply more great voice effects to the sound of the recorded camera or your voice over sound.
  • Add effects – Here’s another opportunity to add any commercial effects / filters, if you haven’t added them before.
  • Add stickers – You can add stickers, including inscriptions on your reels.
  • Draw – If you want to add a touch of a little drawing to the reel, then you can do it from here.
  • Add text – You can also add text to reels, long press the text to appear on a specific frame of your reel. Try to keep the text as close to the center of the screen as possible, as the bottom will be hidden by the arrangement of the rings.
    • You can also tap the text from the bottom and choose to add a voice profile that will read the text you added to the screen.

How to post Reel on Instagram?

Now that we’ve saved / uploaded and finished customizing the reel, it’s time to add the finishing touches to our reel, so we can post it on Instagram.

  • Add cover image – Adding a wrapper to your reel is an important step, as this is the first impression of the reel, everyone on Instagram will be the first to see it and make someone click and look at your reel. You can add an already edited cover image from your phone’s gallery, or you can select any frame from your reel.
  • Add title – After the title image, the next step is to add a caption to the reel, you can type whatever you want. Just make sure it’s relevant to the content of your reel to make it easier for your audience to understand. Add relevant tags to help Instagram’s algorithm understand the content of your reel and to reach a larger audience.
  • Crop profile picture – You can choose to have your reel appear in your feed along with your photos and videos. Just enable the switch to do so and you can set how the cover image (which you added earlier) should appear in your feed. Make sure you set it up correctly, because once posted, you can’t edit it after the reel is published.
  • Tag people – Here you can tag people in your circle so it’s easy to reach them and check their profiles.
    • You can also post exactly the same reel to multiple accounts, mark the people in the reel as collaborators. You can check how to use Instagram Collab feature.
  • Add location – You can add a location to your drums to search for a specific location.
  • Rename audio – If you want to change the audio name of your reel, you can do so here, but it can only be changed once.
  • Facebook recommendation – You should keep this switch on, it will recommend your Instagram reel on Facebook, with your Instagram user ID. You must have a Facebook account for this.
  • Advanced Settings (Paid Partnership) – This is for creators and brands. This is to let your audience know that the shared content was made in partnership and for something in return.
  • Share – Now that everything is ready, just press the share button to publish your reel.

How does Instagram’s reel algorithm work?

The algorithm is a difficult mystery and is constantly changing over time. But recently, Instagram posted some useful insights that could help you get your reels to reach more people and make your reels popular. Instagram provides insight into how its feed algorithm works  Newsfeed.org

Instagram’s algorithm pushes reels that follow these things:

  • Reels that are fun and entertaining (i.e., delight people, grab their attention, make them laugh, or have a fun surprise or twist)
  • Inspire (ie start a trend that others can easily participate in)
  • Use creative tools like text, filters or camera effects
  • Uses vertical video
  • Use music from your Instagram music library and / or original sound you create or find on Reels
  • Reels that are not copied from other applications and do not have the watermark of those applications
  • They are experimental! Try something new, be yourself and see what suits you.

You should keep the above mentioned points while recording, making and posting reels video on Instagram to make the algorithm work in your favor.

How to check insight into your Instagram reels?

Now that we know how to load the reel, which types of reels Instagram tends to prefer, it has added a magical touch to your reels. It’s time to check how well your reels work and what kind of content your audience likes to see and interact with. And it will help you make your reels popular.

You can check the insight into your reels in two different ways. We have already talked about both ways check the insights into the rings.

Advanced tips for Instagram reels

Improving is the key to success, and in order for your reels to become popular, you need to keep improving your content. Is there a better way to improve than to check out popular roles and popular creators. There are some tips for following the reels you’ve watched, to look at them and remember what inspiration you want to take from that reel.

  • Download Reels Video with Sound – You can download videos of your favorite reels to your phone’s local storage. So it is easily accessible, even without an internet connection. You can see our guide where we shared 5 ways download reels with sound.
  • Check the viewing history of your reels – You can check the history of the rings you liked and saved. You can always look at them whenever you want to get inspired. You can see our guide for check your reel history.
  • Reply to comments using Reels Video – You can strengthen the connection with your audience by responding to their comments with a video with a reel. This will make you feel special, and you will be spared from replying to similar comments again. You can see the guide for respond to comments with hoops.
  • Reel layout video – Consistency is paramount to growing on any platform, sometimes you need to plan for a few days to maintain that consistency. There is a way to schedule them, you can see our guide for scheduling reels on Instagram.


So, this is all you need to know to get started and make your Instagram Reels popular. All of these tools and features will help you increase your Instagram reels, reach, and audience. These tools will only help you, the end result depends on how you use these tools. Remember that magic is in you, and only that magic can make you a star, every star has its own style and charm, and it fights. You need to find and make your own path, not follow someone else’s path. Follow us for more such tips and tricks.

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