22 ways to stop vaccine passports


Vaccine passports are ready to change the world as you know it, creating a digital footprint of your every move. The status of the injection is being highlighted right now, but the ultimate goal is to monitor and collect not only medical data but also financial transactions, political affiliations, religious and philosophical beliefs and more.

Some have speculated that the introduction of digital ID cards and vaccine passports in the U.S. sets the infrastructure for the social credit system. China’s social credit system, a massive state surveillance venture that aims to combine 600 million surveillance cameras – roughly one in every two citizens – with facial recognition technology, aims to be able to identify anyone, anywhere, within three seconds .1

It’s hard to imagine this kind of tyranny happening in the US – until you look back on the last two years. In 2019, it may also have seemed excessive to have to receive an injection of experimental gene therapy to enter certain restaurants, gyms, entertainment venues and workplaces, but here we are.

As investigative journalist Corey Lynn said, who recently described not only why it is so important to stop vaccine passports, but also 22 practical ways to do so:2

“Simply put: a pandemic is requiring experimental gene therapy that the CDC likes to call a‘ vaccine ’. This ‘vaccine’ serves to obtain all passports to identify the vaccine. The passport should force everyone into a new global social credit system.

This system should lead the global population to full obedience, because globalists control everyone’s approach and spending of everything and everything in life, using the new system of CBDC (digital currency of the central bank) according to which they build. “

Are we trained as dogs?

Lynn compared the passport system for vaccine identification introduced with mandatory rabies vaccines for dogs. It may seem like a stretch, but there are many similarities between the rabies vaccine system and what could soon happen globally, but this time to humans, not dogs. Lynn writes:3

“Let’s leave the‘ rage ’for a moment and look at the system that billionaires who fund big pharmacies and policy makers quickly put in place.

They made the vaccine mandatory, assigned an identification mark that dogs must wear, stored the data and address of the dog and its owner in a database, informed health care, retailers, parking services and companies that they should not provide services to those without ID. If someone does not comply with this law, the owner can be punished, quarantined and forcibly vaccinated. ”

Your dog cannot visit dog kennels, dog parks or care centers unless he has received the rabies vaccine. Failure to comply with the conditions leaves your dog estranged, and you, as its owner, are subject to penalties.

Lynn claims that, similar to COVID-19, millions of pet owners have blindly accepted the necessary rabies vaccines for their pets, despite questions about their safety and necessity annually, as studies show vaccines can provide protection for more than six year.4

“They have been testing this system on pet owners for years, and half the U.S. population willingly agreed to it without even questioning it. Sounds familiar?” Lynn asks. “… They treat you like a dog, and they haven’t even shown the dogs the respect they deserve. You are nothing more than cattle to them. ”5

How digital identities threaten your freedom

Disguised as a tool for convenience and safety, digitized identification documents, such as mobile driver’s licenses, “go beyond what a driver’s license is”.6 The 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos focused on “promoting good user-centered digital identities”.7 This is not just a matter of keeping your name, address and date of birth or proof that you have passed the driving test in your country.

WeF describes digital identities as “complex networks, which cross the Internet, from … personal data, digital history and the conclusions that algorithms can draw from it.”8 These identities, they say, are “increasingly embedded in everything we do in everyday life.” In the figure describing digital identity systems in our daily lives, the WEF predicts that digital identification documents, ie vaccine passports, include:9

Healthcare – to access insurance, monitor healthcare devices and wearables and prove qualifications (for service providers)

Smart cities – to monitor devices that transmit data on energy consumption, air quality and traffic congestion

Telecommunications – that individuals use devices and service providers to monitor them

E-government – for individuals to file taxes, vote and collect benefits

Social platforms – for social interactions

E-commerce – for buying, conducting business transactions and payment security

Financial services – for opening bank accounts and performing financial transactions online

Food and sustainability – to verify the origin of products and improve traceability in supply chains

Travel and mobility – for planning travel and passing border controls between countries or regions

Humanitarian response – access to services and proving qualifications for work in a foreign country

As an example of how this can translate into a threat to something as fundamental as your food choices, Lynn uses the example of the “digital currency rights” benefit program for food stamps in Illinois, which uses smart contracts and healthy eating tokens. She explains:10

“[O]Once you are verified with your digital identity, you get a wallet with benefits associated with smart contracts, and if you ever try to buy food items that don’t fall into their particular ‘healthy food’ category, you won’t be able to buy it. Surely just take care of your health. What this really shows is their ability to block access to everything they don’t want to buy or what you don’t want to have access to.

Once all banks are connected to this digital identity system (vaccine ID vaccine), they will be able to control your spending on everything. What happens if you don’t get a Covid sting or reinforcement? Every area of ​​your life, included in the digital identity diagram above, will be controlled through this system.

All information about your life will be stored within your digital identity. They sell this system of enslavement as ‘convenience’ and ‘justice’, while assuring you that ‘you will own nothing and be happy’. “

22 ways to stop vaccine passports

Your entire identity, including your medical history, finances, sexual orientation and more, could soon be stored in a mobile app that is increasingly needed to participate in society. While some might call this convenience, others would call it oppression. Many others are driven by the fear of accepting vaccine passports as “necessary” to protect safety.

In one survey that evaluated the acceptance of vaccine passports, 60% said they were in favor, and only 20% said they strongly opposed it. The study’s lead author, Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, described those who objected as “surprisingly low”, adding: “It is fascinating that people increasingly accept that their personal data is being used to inform themselves and others about what they can do. and what I can’t. “11

Still, there is still time to stop the imposition of totalitarian control around the world, and the key way to do that is to fight vaccine passports. Lynn highlights 22 ways for justice, in which we can all participate to protect privacy, freedom and constitutional rights.12

  1. Do not abide, whether you are forced, bribed, guilty, intimidated, or manipulated to obey. “Civil disobedience is necessary.”
  2. Contact your investment advisor or asset manager. Give them a list of companies that deal with vaccine passports and push the agenda, and tell them you don’t want to support them anymore.
  3. Avoid all digital identities and passports to identify vaccines offered by banks, driving licenses and other industries as a means of increasing “access” or “benefits”.
  4. Tell your friends, family and acquaintances about the real goal of digital identities, which is to “put you on Blockchain to monitor and control your every move”.
  5. Contact your local sheriff. There are 3,081 sheriffs in the U.S. who need to be contacted by phone, email, and mail. They have the power to refuse to enforce illogical or illegal demands.
  6. Share messages of truth in your community. You can spread the word with flyers, postcards, stickers or a “swag with a message”.
  7. Do not support institutions that require proof of a hit or a negative test. If you do, give them a card that reads, “I will not be a human gene therapy sting experiment for a virus that has a survival rate of 99.98%.
  8. Email your state representative to block vaccine passports and digital IDs. Support and consider donating to those taking action against the mandate for injections and passports.
  9. Move your money from big banks to small, family banks and small credit unions. “If 10% of people did this, it would make a huge difference.”
  10. Build family or social energy and food systems, because “resilient energy and food supplies will be far against their digital financial blackmail systems”.
  11. Boycott Amazon and the big stores that are “building the infrastructure to enslave humanity.”
  12. Use cash as much as possible because it allows you to avoid tracking through your bank account and prevents you from analyzing your spending behavior and using it to manipulate industries, supply chains, and markets.
  13. Leave your cell phone at home and avoid all data tracking apps.
  14. Limit the personal information you share online, on paper, and anywhere else.
  15. Call your senators and demand that they oppose the Federal Vaccine Database Act HR 550, which would allow the development of a federal vaccination registry.
  16. Avoid buying “smart” products of any kind, such as smart TVs and Alexa devices. “All of these products are used for surveillance purposes through audio, some visual and aggregated data, not to mention potential integrated mind control technologies.”
  17. Establish financial security outside the system, such as learning or teaching trade skills and establishing networking and teamwork opportunities for people to build and work together within their local community.
  18. Clear as many debts as possible so that you do not owe anyone. “Invest in people, learning trade skills, family and community, solid assets, proper education for your children – which can mean a local network of schools at home – local farmers for your food, all the supplies or equipment you think you need.” your health and peace of mind. ”
  19. Maintain resources – medical, legal and others – to combat the tyranny of COVID-1913 and keep abreast of legal proceedings and laws against the COVID-19 mandate.
  20. Keep in mind that it is not legal to require a person to receive an injection while it is still under approval for emergency use. “Although the FDA has approved Pfizer’s Comirnaty jab, Pfizer has decided not to produce it for the United States yet, but instead continues to ship to the EUA jab.”
  21. Be there for those who have received an injection and are having adverse events or have decided not to get boosters. “Help them through this and find medical professionals who are aware of what’s going on and who will help them.”
  22. “Visualize a better future for all, where these corrupt individuals are stopped along the way.”


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