3 short sci-fi and horror movies: Horrors of creatures, fun for robots


The wide-eyed robot occupies the world in this video from the animated short film Critical Component.

‘It’s season for drunkenness all the movies you missed 2021, like everything hopes for awards Crowd streamers and theaters at this time of year. But if you only have a few minutes left, we have a trio of science fiction and horror movies perfect for little a bite-sized party.

1) Significantly different

Divided Short of a week, Quinn George’s Significant Other introduces us to a couple in the middle of the night, who will find themselves in the middle of an argument over a phenomenon that is either a trick of light or something much more malicious. It’s short, spooky, makes excellent use of an environment that’s basically a hallway and doesn’t feel the need to explain too much. You will feel terribly upset.

2) Critical component

From Powder comes a short animated film by Derek Frederickson Critical component about a robot with spindle-shaped limbs with eyes and bugs taking its first steps into the world, only to discover it has a faulty part. What does a curious and determined boy have to do to correct himself? Make a mistake or two, maybe stumble a little – and then, with just a little help, find your true purpose.

3) They Came From Below

When “they” pops up in a horror movie title, you know to be on alert for whoever or whatever that might refer to. Dylan Doornbos Hayes’ short stars It and Locke & Key‘s Jackson Robert Scott as a kid begging to stay home while his sister rushes to the store – but soon begins to think seriously about being left alone in the dark. They came from below is legitimately tense (Scott has definitely cornered the market for “premature younger brothers facing monstrous situations”), and his latest footage leaves you wondering what happened next without feeling like a cop.

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