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NFT represents one of the new developments in the web 3.0 space. The most popular NFTs are based on Ethereum blockchain. The gas fee is the amount you have to pay when you make any transaction on the Ethereum blockchain to confirm your purchase. The gas fee is usually high and this has become a hindrance for investors. So here we will explain why there is such a high gas fee and how you can save on gas fees while buying NFT.

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Why is the gas fee at Ethereum so high?

Ethereum is the largest blockchain hosting several DeFi services and applications. This makes the Ethereum blockchain overcrowded and congested. The Ethereum blockchain also has a processing limit of only 15 transactions per second which is slow and uses the proof of work method to validate transactions that use a lot of resources.

Moreover, people famously use Ethereum for forging and purchase of NFTs leading to even more network traffic. All of these factors result in very high gas charges that can sometimes reach the transaction itself. This gas fee is used to compensate people who use their computing resources to validate your transactions aka miners.

When the popular NFT is being forged, people will rush to buy it which can cause large congestion leading to high gas charges. Ethereum gas charges are calculated in Knit which is a sub-currency of ether just like Paise against rupees or Cent against dollars. Its value is related to Ethereum. Let’s learn a few methods on how to save on gas fees while buying NFT.

How To Save Gas Charges While Buying NFT

Plan ahead with gas tracking devices and charts

If you are aware of when the NFT you are looking for will be minted and you want to avoid sudden gas charges, then it is better to plan ahead. There are charts and living gas detectors it can help you in rush hour. You can even predict the estimated period and how much gas charges you will have to pay during that time and how long it will take to verify your order.

Expect high prices

If you are in no hurry then the best time to buy NFT is after hours or on weekends when traffic is lowest. The chart above also shows the price of gas over the weekend which is quite low compared to weekdays.

Another thing you can do is enter less gas charges if you have no problem waiting a few minutes or even hours. With wallets like MetaMask, you can adjust and pay fees according to your preferences we discussed here. Very low gas charges will result in hours to check the transition on the blockchain. You can look for a gas charge calculator to see your estimated waiting time.

Opt for NFT on other Blockchains

Ethereum is not the only Blockchain to host NFT, and many new and faster blockchains have also adopted NFT. Solana is a blockchain that has its own NFT platform, the so-called Solanart. You can buy their NFT which also increases the value and the gas charges are extremely low. Binance and WazirX are exchanges that have also entered NFT and host NFT using their source tokens for minimal or no gas fees.

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Buy or apply GasTokens

You can buy or mint gas tokens when gas prices are very low, and then use them when performing a transaction when prices are high. You can replace ether for gas tokens on exchanges like Uniswap.

This could save you a lot of money, but forging gas tokens is a complex process. GasToken.io is a project that allows you to mint and earn gas tokens. They have a proper guide on how to forge gas tokens, but we recommend that you research before forging gas tokens.

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There are several other methods and workarounds you can use such as wallets that charge less for gas or Ethereum Layer 2 projects. We’ve discussed some of the basic methods on how you can save on gas fees while buying NFT. But we suggest that you look for yourself and make a calculated decision.

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