5 Mistakes You Make When Ordering T-Shirts For The Gym


Ordering clothes for your gym should be fun. Cool equipment should be a way to gather the community and put some extra money in your pocket. But I see over and over again that gym owners give up the process or avoid it because of stress and confusion.

I see this because I run a bespoke clothing business myself. I have seen the mistakes that most people are prone to. So here are my recommended headache avoidance strategies and just get down to what’s important – gathering your community.

Too many options and styles

Did you know that people actually buy less when they have more options? If you’re wondering why the choice demotivates customers and consumers, take a look Columbia Jam Study. Basically, the study focused on a jam tasting stand set up within a popular retail chain. During different weekends, they tested the following:

  • One Saturday the stand would have 24 different jams to choose from.
  • Next Saturday the booth would have only six different jams.

It turned out that the stand with fewer choices sold more jars of jam. It has been tested over and over again with various products in different studies.

So where exactly do the pitfalls appear in your gym outfit order? First of all, clients do not have time to think about what color shirt they want. They just want someone to show them the best option, not all options. So, yes, you’ve probably designed a shirt that works in ten different colors, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of it and give all those shirts a go.

People often come to us who want every color of shirt we offer. We try to dissuade them from doing so, but sometimes people just ignore our advice. Then, when they order again, they’ll tell us, “I sold X paint, but I still have a whole box of Y paint left!” In these situations, group thinking or herd mentality takes over. If five to six people start buying a blue shirt, everyone wants a blue shirt, and you’re stuck with a box of red shirts. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Many owners believe that ordering different styles is a golden ticket for sale. But just because one person wants a V-neck doesn’t mean you should accept that one person. Gym owners usually get out of control, wanting six different women’s cuts. Just offer one women’s t-shirt, one women’s t-shirt, one men’s t-shirt and one men’s t-shirt. Keep everything simple.

Too many chefs in the kitchen

You are employed gym owner. You don’t have time to coordinate ordering clothes, but you know you need them. You have appointed an office manager for the order. In return, he or she asks his or her friends for help, and those friends in turn seek help from the rest of the gym.

In essence, you have turned your profit opportunity into a three-round circus by inviting outsiders into some pseudo-committee decision-making process. Maintain an order of clothes between you and a few trusted advisors. Of course, you are looking for feedback from outsiders, but if this is for your profit and branding, you should have the last word.

There is no clear brand

Are you the type of owner who is simply not happy with the branding of their gym? Have you tried different logos and letters and nothing seems to stick to you? Well, the secret is the problem. You have to stick to one logo and brand message.

Think about all the great brands you see every day Apple to Rogue Fitness. All their brands are exactly the same from day one. You don’t see Apple releasing a new logo every year for each new product launch. Successful companies stick to their brand in good times and bad. Find some kind of brand that shows what you and your company are and stick to it.

No pre-registration

You decided to order tanks on behalf of the women’s training group because you think you know their size. Or “you don’t have time to pre-order” so you just ordered twenty of each size.

Wrong move! Again, this goes back to a the possibility of making a profit. Take your time, carefully organize pre-orders and eliminate unnecessary stock headaches.

Delaying the sale of shirts

We know you are overwhelmed by time commitments. And we deal with it every day. However, by delaying ordering clothes, you are potentially leaving hundreds of dollars a month on the table. Selling clothes is one of the most passive sources of income you can have in your business.

For the end of the matter, before you fuss over the next order of clothes, take a minute to do so get organized, eliminate noise and remember the central reasons why you wanted shirts to start with.

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