5 parental control settings in Windows 11 that you can use on your child’s computer


If you are a parent and want to ensure your child’s digital security while using Windows 11, then the parental control settings are perfect for that. With this feature, you can easily monitor and control your child’s activities on his account. In this article, we will introduce you to the best parental control settings to take advantage of the best of this feature.

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Using Parental Controls in Windows 11

The parental control feature in Windows 11 allows you to do this monitor and control your child’s activities including settings such as usage time, access to applications, playing hours, and even imposing restrictions when shopping. Therefore, using your Microsoft account, you can easily protect and safeguard your child in this digital world. In addition, you can view our detailed setup guide parental controls on your Android TV.

Create a parent account in Windows 11

Follow these steps to create a Microsoft account for your child using Windows 11.

  • Press the Windows key and search Settings app to open it.

  • Expand on the left sidebar Accounts and click on Family and other users.

  • To create a Microsoft account for your child, click Add account button in front Add a family member.

  • On Apply Page, click on Make an option for a child.

  • Follow the on-screen steps to create an account for your child.

  • Well done. You have successfully created a parent account in Windows 11.

The best parental control settings in Windows 11 in 2022

Now that your parent account is in place, it’s time to learn about the top 5 parental settings to get the most out of Family Safety in Windows 11. To open and configure parental settings, click Manage family settings online or remove account connection. You will be redirected to the Microsoft Family Safety website. Click on the child account name to configure the parent settings.

Limit hours of use and screen usage time

  • Click on Screen time option on the left sidebar.
  • Turn it on Use one layout on all devices.

  • Set the defined usage hours for each day of the week by clicking on each day and setting the desired one Time range.

Use activity reporting to display device and application activity

Activity Reporting is another unique feature in Family Safety through which you can easily receive notifications about your child’s activities and use of apps. To enable this feature, you / your child must sign in with your Microsoft account and enable it manually. Follow these steps to do the same.

  • Scroll down to Section overview and turn on Share my activity an option to enable activity tracking for parents.

  • Now sign up with yours parent Microsoft account and scroll down to find Activity reporting switch to turn it on.

  • That’s it. You have successfully enabled child activity tracking.

Set up game filters on your Xbox

With Microsoft Family Safety, you can also control and set up Xbox filters playing games.

  • Click on Review option on the left sidebar and scroll down to find Xbox Online game section. Click on Review your Xbox settings connection.

  • Sign in again with your Microsoft account and select your preferred online gaming settings by customizing the appropriate overlap.

Filter and block inappropriate content

One of the most important features offered by Microsft Family Safety is protecting your child from watching inappropriate content online. Follow these steps to turn on the filter for inappropriate websites and searches.

  • On the Family Safety homepage, click Content filters option on the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down to find Filter settings section and turn on the switch for Filter out inappropriate websites and searches.

  • If you want to exclude some browsers or gaming suggestions from this filter, you need to click on link filter applications and games to manually add it to the exclusion list.
  • Note that web and search filters only apply to the Microsft Edge browser.
  • You can also learn to set up parental control on YouTube.

Require children to seek approval before purchasing

You can also set limits for your child to allow them to get approval before each payment request. This way you can stay up to date and be informed of every purchase your child starts.

  • Click on in the left sidebar Consumption option.
  • Scroll down to find Consumption settings and click on Edit button in front of the Age Filters option.
  • You can too include notifications for each transaction made using your child’s Microsoft account.

  • Set the desired age limit to seek approval for purchase.

Bonus: The best alternative to free parental control software


Kidlogger is one of the most commonly used free parental control tools used to track activities. Once this tool is properly installed and installed, it can help you keep track of and know about it keystrokes, browsing activities, and even your child’s used programs immediately. This tool also offers a sound recorder that is only available in paid versions through which you can record and schedule your child’s conversations online. It is also available for free, but only in covers one device in the free plan. You can try this software at Kidlogger.

OpenDNS Family Shield

OpenDNS Family Shield is an effective parental control software available for a variety of platforms that have the power to protect your child from irrelevant digital content. The best part of this software is that you can apply it to a variety of devices including yours system, mobile and even network router. After applying at the router level, you will be able to filter each individual network traffic according to your wishes. It is available in both free and paid versions and you can try to install them from the official one OpenDNS website.

Conclusion: A safe Windows environment for children

This is a pack of the 5 best parental control settings you can use in Windows 11 to protect and track your child’s activities in this digital world. If this article has helped you ensure the same, click the like button and share this with your friends to help them stay safe in the digital space. Stay tuned for more informative readings like this.

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