5 Simple steps to become a graphic designer

You are interested to become a graphic designer. It is not time-consuming, learning like four years in university. But it needs your attention and passion. If you are interested in how to do graphic design, so we are here to break down all the sources of how to become a graphic designer without spending money

In the world of technology, Self-directed study is becoming easy for individuals. So you don’t need to go to school or any institute. We have some guidelines, and, best resources books to guide you.

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Before a deep understanding of how to become a graphic designer, you need to define graphic design basics. Graphic design is not a tool to learn; it is a way of communication called visual communication. I determine graphic design is like learning a second language. If you do not understand how to do communicate in that language, so you can not express your message. Firstly you need to learn the language then you can go to interact with peoples. Here are a few tips and resources to learn a new language that you need to understand as a graphic designer.

What is the responsibility of a Graphic Designer?

A graphic designer conveys their massage by designing informative and attractive advertisements, Brochures, and other marketing designs. Countless graphic designers are self-employed or independent many of those providing their services as a freelancer while the others have their design house. Graphic designers are also working a professional design Company in a collaborative team.

Full-time graphic designers have to work 9 to 5 to meet deadlines. The individual graphic designers who are providing their services as a freelancer is more flexible in time management. Even If they have permanent clients they may need to give their evening or weekend hours. In the saturated market for freelance graphic designers, customer service and client satisfaction are key to success. If you are a beginner and want to start your career as a graphic designer their is the golden tip for you. To be a successful graphic designer you need to learn how to bid on a contract, Market services, and develop an ongoing client base.

How to become a graphic designer

  1. The basic theory of graphic design
  2. Understand How to Solve Visual Problems
  3. Understand Grid Theory and Information design
  4. Learn From Professionals
  5. Build your portfolio

1. The basic theory of graphic design

When you start designing, you are communicating with others through visual communication so that it is essential to understand the basic theory of graphic design. A good graphic designer convey the massage by effective use of Elements and principles

We use elements to achieve the principle of graphic design. Here are the basic understanding of elements and principles.

Essential elements of Graphic Design

Color – colors have a direct connection with our minds, so be careful to use it.

Shape – use of shapes is essential to manage your layout and stylize your design.

Line – lines are using for divided sections, categories. furthermore, lines can be Used to achieve the stylization

Size – we can balance or unbalance anything by reducing or increasing size.

Space – leave a negative space is one of the latest trends. so managing the space is very much important

Texture – texture can give your design more value, but be aware, extensive use of texture can damage your design too.

Basic Principle of graphic design

The Principle of design is such a rule of the state. It is essential to understand the Principle of design. The elements of design such as can achieve the Principle of design

Balance – You can reach the balance by playing with size

Contrast – Contrast can be made by the set of different colors

Emphasis. – The shapes can achieve emphasis. It is known as a focal point. that attract the focus of the users

Movement. – Lines and shapes can make movement

Rhythm – Rhythm can be obtained to play with colors, shapes, and strings.

What is Graphic Design | Everything you need to know
Download Guide about Elements and principles

Now the at the doorstep to become a graphic designer. Here is the free recourse to download the step-by-step guide of Elements and Principles of design for free. In this guide, you will learn conceptually how the design elements and principles work. Furthermore, you will understand how to use these elements to achieve the principles of design.

Undrstand Typography

Your job is not over to become a graphic designer. Elements and principle of design is a vital part of your plan. But you also need to understand a little bit about typography download a free recourse to understand the basics of typography. Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works (2nd Edition)

Understand more about typography. Buy This paid resource from amazon, you can also read it on google books for free.

become a graphic designer
screenshot from google books

2. Understand How to Solve Visual Problems

To create digital graphics, you should understand How to solve visual problems. A graphic designer is working with different design problems, and solve them visually, communicate their message to the audience. For Instance, Your client approaches you to design their identity for the new startup, Think about, why your client wants to create an identity? Because he/she want to represent their business to engage with their consumers, and people identify them by their brand identity,

But if someone asks for flyer, brochure or poster design, It means they want to make an announcement, Encourage people to take action, Sometimes they want you to buy something, or they invite you for their event, etc. and they choose a graphic designer to solve their problem Here is a free resource to understand the visual design basics, Graphic Design: The New Basics

Understand more about design process, Design Evolution: Theory into Practice

3. Understand Grid Theory and Information design

Grid Theory

Grid theory is an advanced principle of spacing used in layout for books or websites. it divides the information into different pieces and helps the viewers to find out where the next piece of information with in the layout. here is the complete guide of grid theory download it for free, Making and Breaking the Grid: A Graphic Design Layout Workshop

Information design

Information designs are closely related to data visualization. it helps people make sense of data, the purpose of information design is to ensure the clarity of data visualization. it is applicable for street signs, menus, and also used in website layout. Check out this free resource to understand Information design deeply, Information Design–Principles and Guidelines

you can also get this ebook from amozone Envision information

4. Learn From Professionals

If you read all the resources we have mentioned before, you can become an almost good designer, but it’s not over. You need to keep updated with the latest trends. Keep learning from professional is one of the keys to success, not in the graphic design field, but in any area, you need to join their community and keep learning.

We are also a graphic design community. You can subscribe to our newsletter and keep updated with our latest posts. You can also join on Facebook and keep learning from professionals. But there are many other graphic design blogs where you can grow yourself. you can also join and participate in the online communities

Graphic Design Forum


Now you have to learn how to become a graphic designer. It’s time to understand how to do graphic design. Graphic designers get opportunities in every single step. Let’s try to explore how to find realistic design opportunities

5. Build your Portfolio

Create an eye-catchy portfolio of your projects to represent your designing ability. Your client decides whether to choose you or not on the basis of the collection of your work. Don’t be discourage every expert designer have started from zero. Here is the complete guide of Creating A Successful Online Portfolio

Smashing magazin website

How to Build an online portfolio: When you started from zero, you may have difficulty getting projects. Because you do not have any samples to prove your designing ability, I will show you How to create a portfolio from the start. I have personally participated in different contests on 99design. That has helped me to build my portfolio. You can also join a freelancer99design, to participate in various competitions that you like.

Sell your services on different freelance Marketplaces

When you learn graphic design, so you need to start your career as a freelancer, whether you choose a freelance career as a part-time job or a full. It will help you build your efficiency and communication skills. When someone asks from designer How you can solve the visual problem, most of the design will lose their jobs from that point because they have not to deal with any visual problem. It will also help you with how to solve visual problems. Here is the online community to guide you on how to start freelancing.

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