7 reasons to buy UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC Wireless Headset


For any audiophile, the most important things are sound quality, noise cancellation, delay and docking of the accessory while wearing. When it comes to wireless headphones, the options available today with these features cost much more than others. But what if I say there is an option that offers all these features among several others and is still affordable. Well, the product we are talking about are UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC wireless headphones.

UGREEN HiTune X6 Reasons to Buy

As already mentioned, these UGREEN headphones come with all the latest and useful features for a better audio experience and at an affordable price. So let’s talk about these features in detail and find out the reasons why you should buy a HiTune X6 headset from UGREEN.

Comfortable cut

The design of any headset or headphones is a very important aspect. Speaking of UGREEN’s HiTune X6 headphones, these are small in size, lightweight and have better ergonomics than previous models. They have a metal finish so there will be no fingerprint smudges on the headphones.

The headphones have soft silicone plugs for a comfortable fit and you can wear them for a long time. They prevent music or any sound from leaking out due to docking. The grip of the headphones is also very safe so it will not fall out during running or physical exercise. Moreover, inside the box are three pairs of additional headphones.

Finally, the headphones also have splash protection during sports and exercise with an IPX5 rating.

Sound quality

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. The headphones come with a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) speaker unit that has a 10mm dynamic driver. So, these offer outstanding sound with richer details and low distortion, which seem more natural.

The DLC speaker has some high hardness properties like diamond and low friction. Thus, the headphone diaphragm is harder than diamond and this hardness allows the headphones to produce crystal clear high frequency music. Another feature of the DLC diaphragm is the low friction that provides users with a smooth listening experience.

The headphones support both AAC / SBC audio codecs to provide high quality audio. What’s more, they have bass high resolutions for a truly impressive audio experience for music lovers.

Noise cancellation for calls and music

This is another important feature in headphones these days. Without proper noise cancellation, you cannot enjoy music or receive calls. Fortunately, the HiTune X6 is one of the best noise canceling headphones available as it offers 35dB Dual ANC. This means they can eliminate up to 35 dB of external noise for truly impressive sound. They have a firm seal that effectively blocks background noise.

Moreover, to receive calls, they reduce 90% of external noise while using 6 ENC (environmental noise canceling) microphones. Interestingly, they come with RCV (really clear voice) 4.0, a technology to reduce ambient noise developed by Realtek, and can even minimize wind noise during phone calls.

50 ms low latency

Most headphones these days have problems with delays, especially while playing games or watching videos. But the HiTune X6 is an exception as it comes with 50 ms low latency. So while playing mobile games or watching videos, they can sync in real time and you can’t identify any audio-video transmission.

Battery life and fast charging

Here comes another very important aspect of Bluetooth headsets – battery life. Unexpectedly, despite offering all these features, the HiTune X6 can offer 26 hours of battery life, which is their playing time with the combined case. Otherwise, you can get 6 hours of gaming in normal mode and 5.5 hours in ANC mode which is really great.

Moreover, these headphones come with fast charging support. So with 10 minutes of charging, you get 1 hour of playback time and you can fully charge their purse in just 2 hours.

Touch Controls

The HiTune X6 ANC headset also comes with touch controls, which are very useful while traveling and in situations where you don’t want to pull your phone out of your pocket.

Here are some touch controls you can use on the HiTune X6:

  • Press for 1 second to switch between ANC and Normal mode.
  • Press for 2 seconds to activate the voice assistant or reject the call.
  • One touch to play / pause or answer / end a call.
  • Double-tap the left / right earpiece to decrease / increase the volume.
  • Tap the left / right earpiece three times for the previous / next song.
  • Tap four times to switch between normal and low latency.

Easy to set up

Last but not least, the HiTune X6 is fairly easy to set up via Bluetooth with most devices including iPhones, Android phones, tablets, iPads, Macbooks, Windows laptops and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Once connected to the device, you can immediately reconnect them just by opening the case. They have Bluetooth 5.1 support for a stable long-range wireless connection.

HiTune X6 price and offer

So, these were the best reasons why you should choose UGREEN’s HiTune X6 ANC headphones. The headphones come priced at $ 69.99, but you can get them for $ 69.99 discounted price of $ 39.39. You can use the code 28HITUNEX6 to get a 28% discount and a $ 11 coupon on Amazon to get a total of $ 30 discount at the box office. This offer is valid until January 08, 2022. You can check the UGREEN HiTune X6 offer on Amazon here.

Since 2012, UGREEN has been offering high quality products ranging from chargers, telephone and computer equipment to home and car equipment. Since then, it has grown into a brand trusted by more than 40 million users in more than 100 countries around the world. The company’s new HiTune X6 headphones are the next big step in the evolution of ANC headphones with the goal of providing an impressive listening experience with expert audio engineering, without creating a hole in the user’s pocket.

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