Apple withdraws verification request for U.S. education customers


Earlier this week, Apple began demanding that students and teachers in the United States through the UNiDAYS authentication service before they could take advantage of the company’s reduced education costs. The move closed a long-standing hole that allowed almost anyone to save money on an Apple device until it was caught in a random check.

However, just days after implementing that requirement, Apple removed it just as quickly. Per , you can buy discounted Macs, iPads and other Apple products from US companies again without the need to check that you are currently a student or teacher. The release suggests that the company may have made the change after some educators and school staff members complained that they could not properly check their status through UNiDAYS and therefore could not get a discount on the product they wanted to buy.

It is unclear whether Apple plans to re-implement the request after resolving any potential system issues. Apple has used UNiDAYS in many other countries for years, including the UK, to ensure it can only be obtained by those who qualify for its education discounts. We contacted the company for comment and more information.

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