Apple’s AirTag drops to $ 25 for Amazon Prime members on Woot


It is much more affordable to buy now AirTag and track your keys or bag from your iPhone. Woot sells individual units of Apple’s item tracking device for $ 25 for Amazon Prime members and $ 27 for everyone else. The sale runs until the end of 2021 or runs out of stock, so this could be ideal for last minute gifts or scattering after the holidays. Just keep in mind it’s Woot return policy it’s not the same as Amazon’s, though you’ll have to return everything purchased by December 31st by January 31st.

Buy AirTag on Woot – 25 USD

AirTag has a handful of tricks that help it stand out from other devices for finding things. NFC-based pairing makes it easy to set up with iPhones, but the real star of the show is the ultra-wideband support that helps you find tags with great precision. As long as you have an Apple handset with UWB (iPhone 11 or newer), you may know the exact place where you lost your goods – useful if something falls between the couch cushions.

The main catch, as is often the case with Apple equipment, revolves around the ecosystem. Although you can use an Android phone to recover an AirTag-equipped device or (coming soon) spot nearby markings, you will need an iPhone to place these tags and track them remotely. You will also need accessories if you want to attach the tag to a key ring or backpack. The batteries are replaceable though, and the simple design could be appealing if you think alternative are awkward or annoying.

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