Assassin’s Creed originally ended with going into space


The female version of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla protagonist Eivora stands with two axes in the middle of the battlefield.

Picture: Ubisoft

Over the years, Ubisoft has researched a multitude of time periods and locations for The killer’s faith franchises, from ancient Egypt and Greece to the Italian Renaissance and the American and French Revolutions. (Still, there is still no Wild West or Japan.) The sci-fi conceit of today’s machine-using characters to bring back memories of cross genetic and otherwise is what it gives the franchise is her lifeblood, for better or worse. But when originally planned as a standard trilogy with then-protagonist Desmond Miles nowadays, the series would have had a much stranger trajectory.

Specifically, 2012 Assassin’s Creed III he would conclude by going into space. Lars de Wildt, a conspiracy theorist and religion researcher in digital media culture, recently published his research, which resulted from interviews with several formerCreed devs in 2019. Interview game designer and series creator Patrice Désilets and AC3 creative director Alex Hutchinson, de Wildt learned that a modern story would have a more epic end to the war between today’s incarnations of assassins and Templars.

Desmond would, de Wildt wrote, defeat the evil corporation Abstergo (led by the Templars) “using the combined knowledge and skills of all his ancestors, including AC1 Altair i AC2 Ezio. ” And the story of Doomsday 2012 that the games gradually built to see Desmond and fellow killer Lucy as the new Adam and Eve (who appeared in AC2) on another planet. Asked by de Wildt where the two of them would go, Désilets impatiently replied: “Boum! It’s a fucking spaceship. ” Many fans believed that the franchise’s previous race, Isa, were aliens, and would probably have a spaceship that could accommodate two men.

Although this did not happen – Désilets left Ubisoft in 2010 before being released in 2010. Fraternity, a game in which Lucy was killed and Desmond died AC3 to eventually give way to current protagonist Layla Hassan. Still, that would be the real shit conclusion of the series. To continue the franchise after that original ending would be interesting; you can easily imagine that Ubisoft let the franchise on the ice for a few years before bringing it back and picking it up from that topic of “humanity in space”.

Change path to AC3 didn’t stop Ubisoft and the franchise from getting weird with the franchise: recent installments like Odyssey and Valhalla they played hard with the mythology of their time periods. It is possible that the series will return to the theme of Adam and Eve in later games, and perhaps even revisit that interstellar escape plan.


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