Batman’s Matt Reeves talks about the impact of the song Nirvana on film


Robert Pattinson as Batman in The Batman, in costume and without a mask.

Picture: Warner Bros.

When first trailer for Batman hit what seems like it’s gone forever, it didn’t take long for fans to bond with the orchestral version of Nirvana’s song “Something in the Way”. In the same way that people now associate Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” with Thor Ragnarok, Robert Pattinson upcoming DC movie has a musical connection that can overshadow any musical excellence Michael Giacchino will secure the film itself.

Talking to Empire Magazine for their cover story about the new film Dark Knight, director and writer Matt Reeves admitted that his 1991 song was key in creating a somewhat new look at Bruce Wayne to appear in a few months. Like anyone in the creative field, Reeves puts on music when he writes, and he turned on the song while creating the first act. “Instead of making Bruce the playboy version we’ve already seen, there’s another version that went through a great tragedy and became a loner. So I started to establish a relationship with Gus Van Santov The last days, and the idea that this fictional version of Kurt Cobain is in this crumbling curia. ”

After watching the 2017 robbery movie Good weather at the time he was writing the film, it was Pattinson’s performance of the main thief Connie Nikas that made Reeves look for an actor for Batman. The director described Pattinson as having “that thing with Kurt Cobain, where he looks like a rock star, but you also feel like he could be a loner.” (Reeves definitely not wrong on that front.)

The constant images depicting Bruce without a mask really toyed with how uncomplicated he looked, and Pattinson revealed how his Bruce simply isolates himself from the outside world. Since Batman is only a few years old, he is completely committed to his mission of saving Gotham and doesn’t take the time to pretend to be Gotham’s golden boy. “Bruce was hiding,” Pattinson explained. “He’s been out every night for two years, beaten, shot, stabbed and burned, and you can see that … even Alfred thinks he’s crazy.”

The more withdrawn Bruce Wayne is something that hasn’t been done on screen in recent years; Dark Knight Rises it’s actually only mentioned in passing before Bruce decides to go back there as Gotham’s golden boy, and Ben Affleck’s short career with that character seems to have found a fairly even balance between his two lives. There seems to be little difference, the more withdrawn Bruce draws a clear (and hopefully) more interesting boundary between him and the other incarnations of the character. And if that fails, he’ll just be the guy cooking in his home of darkness without parents.

The Batman will release in theaters on March 4, 2022.

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