Buffy’s Charisma Carpenter responds to Joss Whedon’s comments


Charisma Carpenter is smiling despite being at NYCC 2019.

Charisma Carpenter at NYCC 2019.
Photography: Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images for ReedPOP (Getty Images)

Previous Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel star Charisma Carpenter responded to recent comments from the creators of these shows, Joss Whedon. And it doesn’t seem too happy.

Last year, Carpenter took to social media to describe in detail the verbal and mental abuse she suffered from Whedon while working for him. Accusations, along with similar ones charges from Justice League star Ray Fisher, thed several of her teammates and colleagues who reinforced the remarks and that Whedon was removed from the projects he was working on at the time. Then, this week, New York Magazine published an extensive interview with Whedon in which the writer-the principal responded to Carpenter’s claims.

Asked about Carpenter’s comments about her weight and pregnancy, Whedon said he was “not kind,” but that he “didn’t call her fat.” He added, “Most of my experiences with Charisma have been wonderful and charming. Sometimes she struggled with her verses, but no one could hit harder than her. ” The interview also included Whedon responding Fisher’s accusations of racism and Gal Gadot’s stories of Whedon are offensive and repulsive throughout Justice League re-recording; Whedon called Fisher is a bad actor and said Gadot must have misunderstood his remarks due to the language barrier.

Carpenter responded to all this in a tone that spoke almost more than the words themselves.

Carpenter is gone on also talk about addiction and said that it’s never too late to try to get better — whwhich is why you think she would almost forgive if her “former tyrannical narcissistic boss” was “responsible” and just apologized,”Wwhich Whedon has yet to do.

After that, Fisher responded to Carpenter’s tweets in kind and took it problem with an article suggesting he didn’t speak for himself and that he did so only to help Zack Snyder—the Justice League Principal Whedon replaced after Snyder left the film after a family tragedy.

This is a messy situation everywhere, but there is no doubt that Whedon’s lack of accountability and attempts to blame his prosecutors the stories could be even worse than some charges.

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