Chrome for Android will ask you if you really want to close all tabs at once


If you’re the type who leaves open web browser tabs on your phone (you know who you are), you’ve probably had a feeling of sinking when you close each tab and realize you’ve just lost a link to a site you need to have. In the future, at least, you won’t have so many panic-stricken moments. Techdows and Android police they noticed Canary version Chrome 100 for Android adds a settings tag (“modal dialog to close all tabs”) that asks for confirmation when you try to close all tabs at once.

Chrome on the desktop will allow you to close all tabs in a window by removing that window, but it’s generally harder to accidentally delete your card collection. On Android, “close all tabs” is close enough to other card options that you can accidentally touch it.

Canary versions are unstable, so you may want to wait until the beta or polished release. It’s also unclear how quickly Google could incorporate the flag into regular settings or enable it by default, provided the feature survives through future releases. However, it’s easy to see that the certificate has been cut – this is one of those seemingly small features that could save you the hassle of searching through your browsing history.

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