Comcast is testing the first multi-gigabit cable modem


Comcast it is now much closer to making multi-gigabit cable internet reality. The company successfully tested the first 10G modem capable of multi-gigabit speeds. The prototype developed by Broadcom used the full duplex DOCSIS 4.0 standard to provide download and transfer bandwidth of up to 4Gbps. For context, maintaining that performance would allow you to download everything Call of Duty: VanguardRecommended installation size for PC (61 GB) in just over two minutes.

Although this was a laboratory test, it is still a significant step forward. The company had previously reached those speeds using a virtualized system, and in October 2020, it ‘only’ managed 1.25 Gbps with the new DOCSIS technology. The new format is significant not only for improving downstream speeds, but also for enabling symmetrical transmission and reducing latency.

Telecom did not offer a time frame when you could see DOCSIS 4.0 multigigabit modems ready for users. You may have to settle for it 2Gbps service for now. However, the bigger question is whether you will soon be able to use a 4Gbps plus connection. You will need a fast internet route, of course, but there is a question Comcast Data Limitations. While it would not be surprising for Comcast to lift or even drop restrictions for multigigabit users, it could be difficult to take advantage of a larger data tube if any restrictions discourage continued use.

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