DC’s Blue Beetle transitions from HBO Max on its release date


Jamie Reyes' Blue Beetle costume concept art from the upcoming DC Comics movie.

The blue beetle jumps on a much bigger screen.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

Delayed for a long time Following subjects movie now there is more Release date. Good omens season 2 recruits the famous celestial army again. Superman and Lois teases the return of Lucy Lane. Also, take a look at King of the New York Criminal Underworld on footage from Hawkeye finals. For me, my spoilers!

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Blue Beetle / The Last Train to New York

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. has dated its latest DC movie for August 18, 2023, theatrical release, moving it from the original plan as an exclusive HBO Max movie.

The same report also states that New Line’s remake of Train to Busan it is now officially titled The last train to New York, and arrives in theaters on April 21, 2023.

The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Deadline reports Hope Dickson Leach (Leveling) will direct a “hybrid” film and a stage adaptation by Robert Louis Stevenson The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The production will reportedly “start as a live theatrical experience in which audiences will enter a live film set built within the atmospheric setting of the historic Leith Theater in Edinburgh” until the show’s final performance, where it will then be edited into a black and white feature film with a brand new electronic scored by DJ Hudson Mohawke.


In conversation with Comic, Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has revealed that a “big restart” is currently under development.

Oh, you have a big restart, a big restart Kick-Ass in two years. Big reboot … It’s so fucking crazy I can’t talk about it. But we prepared it. All the rights come back in two years, and then we’ll restart him where people will say, ‘He’s crazy.’ I will not say [who’s attache to star].


Bloody-Disgusting has an exclusive Dolby Cinemasa Scream poster.

The image for the article titled Blue Beetle will still hit theaters next year

Photography: Most important

Minions: Rise of Gru

Illumination has a new trailer for its own subjects a film that has been (so far) postponed two years in light of the ongoing pandemic.


Netflix has also released a trailer for its spooky, stop-motion anthology film House streaming January 14th.

Good omens

John Hamm will reprise his role as Archangel Gabriel in the second season Good omens, with Doon Mackichan as Michael, Gloria Obianyo as Uriel, Liz Carr as Saraqael, Quelin Sepulveda as Muriel and Shelly Conn as the undiscovered “key character from hell”.[[[[THR]

Yellow jackets

Good news! Yellow jackets has been renewed for a second season on Showtime.[[[[TV spoiler]

What we do in the shadows

Filming ended the fourth season What we do in the shadows, according to Harvey Guillén on Instagram.


DC has released seven new posters with the character Peacemaker TV series.

Superman and Lois

TV line has our first look at the return of Jenne Dewan as Lucy Lane in the second season Superman and Lois.

The image for the article titled Blue Beetle will still hit theaters next year

Photography: CW


Finally, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin returns to MCU in a trailer for next week’s season finale Hawkeye.

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