Disney + takes over the Goonies remake TV show from Fox


Mouth, Mikey, Data and Chunk point to something in the distance in The Goonies.

Focus on Disney +, Goonies!
Picture: Warner Bros.

The idea seemed bright and shiny like a marble bag full of gems: And A TV show about a teacher who decides to help some of her students make a remake a classic 1980s adventure Goonies. However, the net on the ship, Fox, disagreed and buried him underground as if he were one-eyed Willy.

What is it yet the motto of the Goonies? “Goonies never say die!!Diversity reports on the show, formerly called the Untitled Film Reconstruction Project, but now titled Our time, has mixed truffles in Chunk style at Disney +. The idea comes from writer Sarah Watson who works with Warner Bros. TV, Amblin ithe Donner Company, who all remain on board.

“Sarah worked non-stop on delivering this amazing script, we read the table, and then the world closed for covid”Collins White, executive vice president and head of development for Warner Bros. TV, told Variety. “So we came back many months later and ended up being a wonderful pilot, and it was an amazing cast, but unfortunately a little too young for Fox. And so we immediately rushed into high speed and hit the city with it. We haven’t had anything in development at Disney + yet. It was another example that you could make your way where it wasn’t thanks to a great story, a great pilot, a great series. It took some time to reach an agreement, but we are really excited to move forward. “

As we have already reported, the show follows a substitute teacher who sees a special passion in several students and helps them record their own version. Goonies, similar to what fans have I’m done Toy Story 3 or Raiders of the Lost Ark. The result will be “an inspired city that desperately needs hope in this love letter of the power of cinema, storytelling and dreams,” according to initial reports.

Although Goonies reported by Warner Bros. that Amblin’s idea of ​​a group of ragged children going in search of treasure is very Disney. And Disney + has done a great job of making movies that evoke a lot of nostalgiaHigh School Musical, Mighty Ducks, etc.Andand turning them into smart, relevant, modern TV. Our time it seems like it could be just that and hopefully it will generate a lot of rich stuff.

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