Elgat’s new pedal gives streamers hands-free control of their applications


If you are a streamer you cannot always reach for the keyboard (or a control deck) to activate a scene or effect. Fortunately, you may not have to. Elgato has released Stream Deck Pedal that offers three customizable foot pedals to control your applications and other hands-free broadcasting tools. You can manage Twitch or YouTube, change cameras, initiate an OBS transition, or otherwise control your stream in a secret way.

You can set up application-specific profiles if you routinely juggle multiple tools and add-ons control everything from Hue lights on Spotify and Twitter. There’s also an adjustable pedal pressure, if you prefer a gentle tap or firm tap. And Elgato wants to highlight the use for offline creative work thanks to defined software shortcut actions such as audiovisual editing packages.

Accordingly, Elgato has introduced Discord plugin for Stream Deck devices. You can use any Corsair peripherals to change channels (including voice), use push-to-talk, mute the microphone, or otherwise navigate the server.

The Stream Deck pedal retails for $ 115. It’s a potentially high price if you’re a new or part-time streamer, but it might be justified if you’re building a full-time career or just want to add something that will lead to extra viewers. This could also be especially useful if you’re a musician, VR player, or other specialized streamer – you don’t have access to a computer (and interrupt your flow) just to complete a simple task.

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