Explained rumors about the end of the 3rd season of Star Trek Picard


Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard.

In any case, the ride is not over yet.
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Star Trek: Picard it was never conceived as a long-legged series in style Treks 90s – hell, when it was first published there was no particular certainty whether it would last more than one season. But how the series looks for the second and third time Sirenhis future remains ongoing.

Discussion of the imminent end Picard comes via review for the upcoming second season from Picard in SFX Magazine. Fans have captured moments in a review in which star Patrick Stewart tells the magazine that he is currently preparing to shoot a few more episodes the third season is currently being filmedand it’s still “weeks until the end of the series”, and producer Akiva Goldsman, talking about future episodes from the past Star Trek stars in a series like the second season‘s return for Guinan and Q, he commented that’ by the time these three years are over ‘there will be even more celebrities returning. There was a certain belief that the way this was worded – and Stewart’s own interchangeable use of the words “series” and “season” (where the former is used in the UK the way the latter is used in the United States.WITH.where the “series” would refer to the play as a whole) – this implies Picard will end after the third season.

However, in the hours since SFX’s latest issue published today, the magazine transferred to social networks to push back the idea that he confirmed the show’s conclusion – and CBS has not yet publicly commented on whether speculations about the magazine’s comment are correct or not. io9 has contacted the study to clarify the report and will update this post if and when we get a response. But if the third season really marks Picard‘s conclusion, it would not be really amazing –Picard has been expedited to resume the third season with announcement of the second seasonand when CBS recently discovered a swath the date of the premiere for about seven billion Star Trek shows coming to Paramount + this year, with season updates for most of them, Picard he was one of the few selected who did not receive a new download.

Even before that, the intention with Picard he has never worked as long as many of his other colleagues at Paramount +. Returning to the Comic Con in New York in 2018, producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin spoke with TrekMovie the intention of the series to last several seasons, not to be a limited series. And, at the time, Picard it was only the second announced Star Trek series in ViacomCBS’s big franchise plans after launch Discovery. It will be now five different series that are displayed on the streamer one after the other, PicardThe second season is also included. With more Star Trek shows waiting for other series to end – like the long-known one Michelle Yeoh Section 31 series“It is not surprising that there will probably be some shows among this” first “new generation Track a series that will pay homage to the next generation. It’s just that we’re not quite sure yet Picard it will be one of those first series to give way.

Star Trek: Picard will return for a second season on March 3rd.

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