Google Voice now lets you decide who goes to voicemail


Google now allows you to customize the way its Voice service is handles incoming calls. Starting today, you can configure the app to forward calls from individual or groups of contacts to a connected phone number or voicemail. Separately, you can set a rule that plays custom voicemail greetings for specific contacts. And if you want to avoid receiving calls unless absolutely necessary, you can tell him to examine individuals.

Google said the new options allow users to route incoming calls in ways that complement their existing workflows. To start using this feature, go to and click on the gear icon located at the top of the interface. Then click “Calls” and then “Select Rule”. Note that only rules you have already set can be seen in the mobile app; you can’t establish new ones – at least not yet.

Despite being considered one of Google’s longest-serving services, Voice has received only sporadic attention in recent years from search giant. Before today, the latest update the company released for Voice was for disable one of its most useful features. This has led to fears that Google could soon discontinue the service, but today’s update indicates that Voice still has its legs.

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