Gothic horror writer Anne Rice died in the 1980s


Anne Rice at the 2006 Broadway Opening of Lestat.

Picture: Paul Hawthorne (Getty Images)

It was announced late Saturday night Anne Rice, a novelist of Gothic horror books such as “Interview with a vampire”, Passed away at the age of 80. The news was published by her son Christopher, who revealed on social media that complications from a stroke led to her death.

“She left us for almost 19 years until the day my father, her husband Stan, died,” Christopher wrote. In her final hours, I sat by her hospital bed in fear of her accomplishments and her courage … Let us take comfort in the common hope that Anne is now experiencing first-hand the magnificent answers to many great spiritual and cosmic questions, the quest that determined her life and career. ”

Born in 1941 in New Orleans, where most of her books take place, Rice began her prolific writing career with the aforementioned “Vampire Interview” in 1976. From the 1980s onwards, she published sequels to a series that would come to be known as “The Vampire Chronicles.” , who still receives stories today. (The latest book, “Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat,” was released in 2018.) It would branch out and write other books and franchises over the decades, not all horror movies. In 1979 and 1982 she wrote the historical novels “Feast of All Saints” and “Vapak prema nebu”. INunder the pseudonyms Anne Rampling and AN Roquelaure would publish erotic fictions such as “Exit to Paradise” and “Sleeping Beauty Fortress”. Her latest work – “The Reign of Osiris”, the third part of the historical horror film “Ramses the Damned” which she co-wrote with Christopher – is expected to be released on February 1, 2022.

Some of Rice’s works will be adapted for film, the most famous being the 1994 one. Interview with a vampire starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. The book is expected to be adapted for television for AMC next year, along with an adaptation of her gothic horror trilogy Witches of Mayfair via the same network.

Rice is expected to be buried in the Rice Family Mausoleum in New Orleans in a private ceremony, with a public event next year to celebrate her life.

Our thoughts at this point are with the Rice family.

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