How children of blood and bones crossed from Lucasfilm to Paramount


The cover of the novel Children of Virtue and Revenge, which shows the main character Zélie Adebola.

Picture: Books by Henry Holt

News has surfaced recently that is an adaptation of the YA series Children of blood and bones from the Nigerian-American writer Tommy Adeyemi bi developed at Paramount. What has been noticed in this regard is how it was originally in development at Disney and Lucasfilm, and something they openly praised to be in development back in 2020 during Disney’s incredibly crowded investor call. And if it hasn’t already done a big thing, the fact that it was expected to be Lucasfilm’s big non-Star Wars The IP would be safe. So what happened?

According to a recent report from Hollywood Reporter, Star Wars happened. In an interview with their sources, they learned that Lucasfilm boss Kathleen Kennedy became interested in Children when she was in danger of getting lost in the aftermath of the Disney-Fox merger. But despite Kennedy’s interest, there was a clear focus on construction Star Wars the universe, which we are currently seeing happen in real time. As a result, Children it did not go far in production.

The matter was further aggravated by the fact that Adeyemi reportedly began to be dissatisfied with the glacial progress of her adaptation following the call for Investor Day. When she started trying to be the one to write the theater of the film script, Lucasfilm reportedly refused to comply with her request. When real estate bidding was allowed in the fall of 2021, Paramount not only picked up the rights, but allowed Adeyem to have his creative influence and write the script. She will be an executive producer with Temple Hill Entertainment (Labyrinth Runner, Twilight) Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen and Sunswept Entertainment’s (Percy Jackson) Karen Rosenfelt.

Children of blood and bones tells the story of an orphan Zélie and her efforts to restore magic to overthrow the evil king of her country. Two currently published books The legacy of Orisha trilogy-Blood and bone and Virtue and revenge—debuted at number one on the New York Times bestseller list during its 2018 and 2019 editions. Currently untitled, the third part of the trilogy is expected to be released in 2023.

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