How to enable Always-On Low Power Mode on iPhone or iPad


Low power mode helps iPhone or iPad last longer by reducing energy consumption. By default, the low power mode automatically shuts off after the battery is over 80% charged. But what if you want to keep Low Power on all the time to get the maximum possible battery life? Here’s how you can enable the always-on low-power mode on your iPhone or iPad.

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Enable Always-On Low Power Mode on iPhone or iPad

Starting with iOS 13, Apple has added a new app called Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad. Using it, you create personal automation to keep low-power mode on forever. Read the detailed steps below.

Continuous low power mode on iPad (iPadOS)

To get a permanent low-power mode on your iPad, you need to create automation that automatically enables low-power mode when iOS or you turn it off. Check the steps in detail below.

1. Open Shortcuts app on your iPad. Can’t find him? Look for “shortcuts” in Spotlight and click on them in the results. Or look it up in the app library.

2. Touch > menu in the upper left corner. choose Automation.

3. Click here Create personal automation. If you have previously created automation, you will need to tap + First.

4. In the “New Automation” window, scroll down to Low power mode. Touch it.

5. Now select Off (Is Turned On no need to select) and tap Following.

6. Then click Add action.

7. A search panel will appear. Look for “low power” here.

8. Click Set the low power mode.

9. By default, it will say “Enable low power mode”. Leave as it is and touch Following.

10. Disable the switch for Ask before running. Click do not ask when requested.

11. Finally tap Done in the upper right corner.

Permanent low power mode on iPhone (iOS)

Similarly, you can enable the always-on low-power mode on your iPhone, as shown below:

1. Open Shortcuts app on your iPhone.

2. Select Automation at the bottom of the screen.

3. Now click on Create personal automation.

4. Scroll down, select Low power mode.

5. Just check Off is selected. Touch Following.

6. Click Add action button.

7. Look for “low power” and tap Set Low power mode of the results.

8. Hold it as “Enable low power mode” and press Following.

9. Disable on the following screen Ask before running and tap Do not ask for confirmation.

10. Finally click on Done in the upper right corner.

Automation is now set up. From now on, whenever you or iOS turn off low power mode when the battery is up to 80% charged, this automation will automatically turn it back on.

To run it, turn on Low Power Mode and turn it off. Low Power can be turned on / off from the control center or via Settings> Battery> Low power mode. This will run the always-on Low Power Mode automation.

Turn off low power mode automation

Once you enable low-power mode, you will not be able to disable it in the normal way. As soon as you disable it, automation will start and turn it on again. If you want to get rid of persistent low-power mode, you’ll need to disable automation:

Disable automatic automation of low-power modes

1. Open Shortcuts application and go to Automation section.

2. Touch When the low power mode is off the automation you have created.

3. On the Edit Automation screen, turn it off Enable this automation. Touch over, and you can go.

The low power mode will now start working normally on your iOS device.

What happens when you turn on low-power mode on iOS?

The low power mode does several things to reduce your device’s overall power consumption, such as:

  • Reduces overall CPU and GPU performance
  • Disables automatic retrieval of new email in the background
  • Decreases screen brightness
  • Stops automatic downloads
  • Limits visual effects and animations
  • Reduces auto-lock time to 30 seconds
  • Photos and videos will not sync with iCloud
  • The device will limit 5G connectivity and more

Is it okay to keep your iPhone or iPad in low power mode all the time?

As mentioned, Low Power Mode limits many background activities on iOS. It also reduces CPU and GPU performance which can cause the device to sometimes seem slow, especially when running heavy applications or games.

If you can compromise on performance and other features like background sync, visual effects and you can control the lower screen brightness, then yes, you can continue to use your iPhone or iPad in low power mode all the time.

But again, this can interfere with your overall experience with the device, which is why Apple automatically shuts it off when the battery is fully charged.


This was all about how you can enable the always on low power mode on your iPhone or iPad. I hope this helps you spend maximum battery life on your iOS device. Anyway, let me know your experience in the comments below. Stay with us for more.

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