How to listen to Clubhouse recording on a desktop computer without logging in


2020, Clubhouse An application for audio-based social communication arrived on the market, which immediately became a hit. Previously, you had to log in to the app to communicate in these voice chat rooms. Now Clubhouse has launched a new feature that allows you to listen to any Clubhouse room sound from your phone or desktop without having to log in or download the app. In the meantime, you can learn to use the Clubhouse application on your computer.

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Use the Clubhouse app to listen to the web without signing up

If you’ve already used the Clubhouse app, you may be familiar with the tedious task of creating a new account and naming it for your friend to use. Well, now Clubhouse has officially added a feature for listening to the web where you can listen to voice chat rooms without having to log in to the app.

You can use this feature to listen to an audio room from any device such as a mobile phone or computer without downloading the app. This feature is currently under experiment in the United States and will be introduced in other countries based on feedback and user experience.

Steps to experience listening to the web with Clubhouse

  • Open up Clubhouse the room in the app you want to share to listen to the web.
  • Tap on Share button at the bottom of the room to share it with your friends. You can even share this link via a messaging app or post it directly on your social media profile. The app also allows you to share this audio room via the Clubhouse app itself by tapping on Share on Clubhouse option.

  • You can edit and add comments before sharing the Clubhouse audio room.

  • Once you share them, your followers will get it right away notice for the room.

  • That’s it. Anyone who clicks on the shared link will be able to listen to the shared audio room without any login from any mobile phone or system.
  • This feature also works with Replay in the Clubhouse app.

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