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Secretum is a messaging application that uses blockchain technology and aims at privacy, anonymity and the transfer of funds from port to port. It combines the functionality of services such as Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal and also provides features for crypto and NFT traders which makes it an ideal messaging app for anyone who has a crypto wallet. We’ll talk about the Secretum app overview to understand its features as well as features.

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Understanding privacy

The Secretum is unique decentralized application (Dapp) which was built using Solana Blockchain technology. The application offers encrypted messaging, calling and video calling function, as well as the ability to trade cryptocurrencies and NFT. It works as an all-in-one application. So someone can create and announce their NFT project through groups and channels on this app and sell their artwork here while avoiding high transaction fees and congestion.

Secretum provides a platform for all crypto wallet owners or people who put their privacy first. It uses the concept of web 3.0 and connects it to create a communication and trading application ready for the future.

Privacy application features

The app comes with a set of features and functionalities that come with tangible benefits to attract normal consumers and crypto enthusiasts. Let’s look at some of these features.

Private messaging

The Secretum app uses decentralized nodes to maintain privacy. You can start using this app by just adding your private crypto wallet which is all you need create an account. It does not seek any other details or proof of identity that ensure privacy and anonymity.

The app also provides end-to-end encryption. Talk history and data are stored on decentralized distributed blockchain nodes instead of a centralized server. User data and their wallet address are checked on the blockchain by node maintainers so the chances of data leakage are very small.

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Ease of crypto trading

Secretum allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This is possible with theirs no outlet (OTC) integrating service Escrow Smart Contract (ESC) functionality. The property trade is entirely Pier to Pier. So instead of going in crypto exchange and there he sells or buys cryptocurrencies and pays large transaction fees, you can easily find the right buyer or seller through their wallet address and contact them to trade with you.

This keeps the other person anonymous and at the same time eliminates all cryptocurrency problems. You can even negotiate for the right price or buy NFT that is not currently available at NFT market by contacting the creator directly.

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Security benefits

There is a big focus on security in the Secretum. All files shared on this application are encrypted and verified by the user and instead of storing them on servers or any cloud storage, it stores data in blockchain nodes. Also, as mentioned above, all transfers take place from port to port.

Secretum takes care of collecting and storing as little user data as possible, so the chances of data breaches, hacking, password leaks or government censorship are almost impossible.

Content creation, engagement and earnings

At Secretum you can also create your own channels like Telegram, but here you can broadcast your content to other users and even earn a reward for participating and helping to develop the Secretum community. You can create content on any topic. Make videos of courses, lessons, or seminars that educate others. You can even create a subscription-based series or lecture playlist to help other new Secretum users.

Secretum will allow you to publish your content to public groups and channels to create a small decentralized social networking service and you will be able to pay for subscription-based content using SER tokens. You can use these tokens for any payment on the Secretum. Don’t confuse cryptocurrency trading because you won’t need SER tokens to trade.

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Secretum intends to change the way we communicate and trade in the future. Its advanced features based on blockchain technology certainly give it an advantage over other social networks and messaging platforms, and the ability to trade assets directly to users with minimal risk of burglary and hacks makes it an ideal option for cryptocurrency traders.

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