In loving memory of Judy Mikovits’ husband, David Robert Nolde


Christmas is a time to reunite with family, friends and others who have deeply touched our lives. My sincere condolences to all who mourn this season.

Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., is a scientist and researcher who has been very vocal about the COVID-19 pandemic, the origins of the virus, the proposed “vaccines,” and the side effects people have been reporting since the COVID sting.

In early December 2021, she unexpectedly lost her husband, David Robert Nolde. In a video honoring him, Mikovits describes how he died. Like King David, her David was “a man after God’s heart,” Mikovits says. He had pedigrees of kindness, with childlike faith and the goal of bringing joy to the world, even when joy seemed impossible, she says.

David had suffered from COPD for four decades, but his condition worsened after he was denied access to basic medications and had to report to a local hospital. When the hospital learned that he had not received the COVID vaccine, staff assumed he had COVID-19 and planned to treat him as a patient with COVID.

“By God’s miracle, I was able to get into that hospital on time,” Mikovits says, as they planned to deliver what he says is the deadly treatment of remdesivir and intubation. He was close to death when she arrived, but within 24 hours of her intervention, he felt better.

Everyone was happy for his recovery. The miracle that the man on his deathbed literally came to life, healed immediately and was the soul of the “God wins” moment is a memory Mikovits says he wants everyone to hear. “My David has always had the greatest desire to run the race for his Lord and Savior, to finish well and to hear these affirmative words:‘ Bravo, my good and faithful servant, ’” she says.

David’s death didn’t have to happen. He did not have COVID and did not die from Covid. Instead, he died when his heart stopped – Mikovits says “hospital staff neglected to give him blood pressure medication.”


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