Intel says it will put unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave


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Intel is the last company to stop its unvaccinated employees amid a sudden rise in Covid-19 cases, reportedly issued a warning to workers on December 7 a letter that all those who do not receive the vaccine or have an exemption by January 4 will be put on unpaid leave.

According to Associated Press, who received a copy of the letter, Chief Human Resources Officer Christy Pambianchi informed employees that acceptable excuses include medical and religious exemptions and said the company would review those requests by March 15.. But if those exemptions are not granted, she added, unvaccinated Employees will be placed on unpaid leave for at least three months beginning April 4, but will “not be canceled” and will continue to receive health benefits provided by Intel for the duration of their leave.

Intel first informed employees about the January 4 vaccination deadline back in November but he did not directly deal with what would happen to them if they did not obey. The directive seems to be partly modeled on a similar style Biden’s administration a mandate that requires federal contractors to be vaccinated – a mandate that does not currently seem entirely legally justified, at least as far as the courts are concerned. Intel, for its part, is aware of this potential legal fallacy.

“We are closely monitoring the legal environment and expect that it will take time for the case in Georgia, as well as other similar cases, to be fully resolved,” the company said. Oregon in a statement.

Intel is not the first technology company to break down employees who delay or refuse vaccinations. Google employees are currently facing the threat of 30 days of administrative leave if they do not submit their vaccination or exemption status by January 13 – suspension which, unlike Intel’s, could potentially leave them subject to repeal. Facebook and Microsoft they are also currently ordering that employees be fully vaccinated before the office reopens, and both have been moved to 2022 as the number of confirmed Covid cases continues to rise.


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