John Williams 90th Birthday Top Songs: Star Wars, Jurassic Park


  1. એક ફોટોગ્રાફરે તેના ટેલિસ્કોપ વડે સૂર્ય પરના સોલાર સ્ટોર્મને કેપ્ચર કરવાનો દાવો કર્યો છે.
  2. જે સૂર્યની સપાટીથી પૃથ્વી કરતાં ચાર ગણી ઊંચાઈ ધરાવે છે.
  3. એમેચ્યોર એસ્ટ્રોનોમિકલ ફોટોગ્રાફર ચક અયૂબે તેના ટેલિસ્કોપ વડે આ શોધ કરી હતી.

વીડિયો જૂઓ 👇👇👇



John Williams stands at a podium and looks at a darkened crowd.



AFI Life Achievement Award recipient John Williams speaks onstage during the American Film Institute’s 44th Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute show on June 9, 2016
Photo: Mike Windle (Getty Images)



He’s one of America’s greatest living composers, his work scoring films has elevated cinema soundtracks as a whole and some franchises specifically. He’s John Williams, and he’s celebrating his 90th birthday today. So why not celebrate with him by listening to a few of his greatest songs?

Note: These are not necessarily his nine greatest songs, nor are they in any kind of order. There are just some of his biggest, most beloved hits, mixed with a few hidden gems that combine to showcase the incredible depth of this man’s talent. Feel free to add your contributions in the comments!


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