Keep your kettlebell at your table: a four-alarm kettlebell program


when do you exercise Anyone who exercises consistently has an answer to this question. People who build sustainable health and fitness are not the ones who indulge in random classes and nice long weekends. These people have a plan. Ask them when they practice and they will tell you:

when do you exercise Anyone who exercises consistently has an answer to this question. People who build sustainable health and fitness are not the ones who indulge in random classes and nice long weekends. These people have a plan. Ask them when they practice and they will tell you:

  • “First thing in the morning before the family gets up.”
  • “On the way to work. I’m taking a shower and getting ready for a gym job.”
  • “On my lunch break.”
  • “Right after work, before I get home.”

Those who struggle with consistent exercise will usually cite overwork as the reason. Of course. Even if you do a very effective HIIT routine of 30 minutes or less, time to prepare for going to the gym, driving to the gym, locking valuables, and a little talk will usually accumulate over an hour. But you can fit into the workout much more effectively if you leave the gym and divide your workouts into a few short blocks throughout the day. We are human though. Like all animals, we were created to move more than once a day.

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I have advocated this approach in my own pet alarm and training with four alarms articles, but both plans assume that the exercises must be without equipment if you want to fluidly fit them into the starting points of your day. Exercising with body weight is great, but the options become even more fun and varied if you master kettlebells. This simple tool offers unmatched efficiency. If you keep a kettlebell at your table, you could make huge strides towards all your fitness goals. In fact, scheduling an exercise on a few quick blocks in the center of a kettlebell can be an even more effective way to train than the standard approach all at once.

As I argued in Learn kettlebell to unlock freedomThe kettlebell is the most effective, efficient and portable tool in fitness. Tones, increases endurance, improves mobility and builds functional strength and power. Its unique design delivers a powerful training effect and allows for the fun of continuous skill development. Of course, it’s still a great tool for those simple, easy exercises with meat and potatoes.

Making your plan

Once you master kettlebell (I recommend my Complete Kettlebell Program), the only thing left for you to understand are:

Which three or four times a day work best?

  • First in the morning, before lunch, before going home
  • Just find a fourth time or calm down three times
  • Set phone alarms or some other predictable signs to start the exercise. Consistent action is based on habit and the science of growing willpower. For more help on this, check out my free ebook, A basic guide to self-mastery.

How do you plan to store a kettlebell at work?

  • Under your desk?
  • In the car?

In which work clothes is it easiest to exercise?

  • Look for work clothes in which you can exercise for your gender. There are many female options. Men, it’s getting better, too. Thank God for stretchy golf pants.

How can you reduce the self-awareness associated with being an exercise freak?

  • You can close the blinds if you have an office. You could go outside or identify a space that is rarely used. Or you just don’t care. After all, you are great.

What kettlebell exercises can you do and how will you structure your plan?

  • There are many options. Once you have mastered the basics, try mixing and aligning the following blocks for six to ten minutes.

Possibilities of block 1 exercise with kettlebell

Every block should start with this very fast kettlebell warm up:

  • 5 per page Kettlebell Halos
  • A series of squats with kettlebell Pry
  • 3 per page 1-leg Kettlebell RDL
  • 5 push-ups

This block is ideally done in the morning. Since this is before getting dressed for work, you have a chance to get a little dirty. I recommend that you take this opportunity and make the Turkish Raising (TGU), the king of all exercises.

Options include:

  • Set the timer to six to eight minutes and continuously change the right and left TGU
  • 3 rounds of 1 right and 1 left TGU with 10 per side rows of weights

Exercise block weights 2, 3 and 4 options

option 1

3 rounds:

  • 5 per side Kettlebell RDL rows with 1 leg
  • 3 per page Jerk kettlebell or strict overprint kettlebell

Option 2

  • Six to eight minute swing intervals with two hand weights. Start with 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest and work towards a smaller break.

Option 3

  • Six to ten minutes of constantly carrying a suitcase.

It is well documented that outdoor breaks increase energy and work productivity. Go outside and do this one-handed walking variant. Just pack your shoulder down and back and tighten the bell tightly. Walk. When your grip loosens, change hands. Continue this way until time runs out.

Option 4

  • Six to ten minutes of swinging the kettlebells with one hand – 10 left, rest, 10 right, rest, repeat until time runs out.

Option 5: Glove

  • 15 per side 1-arm Kettlebell Clean, reverse step, press (alternately arms after one repetition of all three exercises.)
  • 20-30 Two-handed bent rows

Option 6

AMRAP from five to ten minutes:

  • 10 squats with a goblet with a kettlebell
  • 5 push-ups

Option 7

Tabata with two exercises:

  • Choose any two exercises with weights to alternate and do eight rounds of 20 seconds of work / 10 seconds of rest.

Kettlebell fitness is good for you

There are many other options, but these blocks of exercise should be more than enough to get you started. Any day that includes three or four of these options would be an extremely active, healthy day. That is the benefit of learning kettlebell – the most portable, most powerful tool in fitness. It is a skill that unlocks the life of fun fitness.

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