Kevin Feige promises that Spider-Man 4 is already under construction


Tom Holland in a Spider-Man costume, smiling and waving.

Picture: Sony / Marvel Studios

He was in the cinematic state of Spider-Man a surprising mess as early as 2019 after the success Far from home. At the time, Sony and Marvel were publicly splitting up through Disney who wants more money at the box office than the Wallcrawler movies from the MCU, but that deal eventually I settled down and gave us just released box office juggernaut It is Spider-Man: No way home. Now that this movie has come and gone, and another chapter of Peter Parker’s life is about to begin, the fans were beware if Spidey would no longer be in the MCU. Bbut Kevin Feige has already killed it at the root: yes, Spider-Man 4 is happening, and this time the company’s policies will not interfere.

“[Sony producer] Amy Pascal and I, and Disney and Sony are actively beginning to develop where the story goes, ”Feige said in an interview with New York Times. He feels comfortable saying that now because he doesn’t want fans to have a “separation trauma” like in 2019, where they made a hashtag to save Spider-Man. Pascal echoed Feige’s statement, saying she “loves working with Kevin, we have a great partnership … I hope it lasts forever.” Shortly before No way home release, Pascal said Sony and Marvel will work together another trio of films, but at the moment, it is a desire and the focus is currently only on immediate monitoring No way home.

So far, each of Tom Holland’s films has been quite large in terms of scope, with large CG sets that include drones and guys from other universes. When asked about how to overcome Peter Parker’s recent multiverse madness, Pascal said it’s not the best way to think about making these films. “You can’t think of surpassing yourself in terms of spectacle,” she warned. “But we always want to try to be the best in terms of quality and emotion.” What’s key to these films, she said, is that I can’t lose sight of the fact that Peter is a normal child thrown into these larger situations that will test his determination.

It won’t break the film ends here, but No way home the ending gives the next film (or set of films) some interesting paths for a character that this Peter was not fully afforded when he first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. And it’s a decision that both Feige and Pascal are aware of, and Pascal said it “gives us a lot to work on for the next film.” Such a film is, of course, far away and it is always possible that it will appear before that. “When and where, of course, is the fun part,” Feige teased, “and the part we’re not talking about.”

Spider-Man: No way home it’s in theaters now.

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