LG’s C2 OLED TV line will include its brighter ‘evo’ panels in 2022


As is an annual tradition for the company, LG is using CES as a place to share the first details of its 2022 TV line. Many , the company advertises improved brightness as one of the main reasons for buying its 2022 kits. This is because this year LG’s more affordable C2 line will also include “here” panel technology that the company debuted in 2021. In addition, LG claims that its new Alpha 9 Gen 5 AI processors will help further increase lighting through a smarter algorithm and better heat dissipation. These chips will also improve magnification performance and offer virtual 7.1.2 surround sound mixing, according to LG.

The new OLED will ship with the latest version of LG’s webOS operating system. Updated software adds support for individual profiles, allowing you to customize the menu for quick access to your favorite streaming services. By creating a profile, you will also receive personalized content recommendations and notifications related to your favorite sports teams.


Another new feature of webOS allows you to map what you watch to another LG TV. That way, the company says you watch cable and satellite content on two TVs without an additional set-top box. It’s hard to say how useful this feature will prove to be because if you have more than one TV in your home, chances are it’s because your family can’t agree on what to watch at all.

Outside the box, LG’s 2022 line of TVs will support innovations in the smart home industry standard, which allows you to control the lights and thermostats of the device from the TV. LG also promises a better gaming experience thanks to its updated . The company adds additional features and preset switches to the menu to make it easier to access when you need it. As before, all G2 and C2 sets will support G-Sync, FreeSync and variable refresh rates. HDMI 2.1 is also standard in the line.

LG has yet to split prices, but what we are doing is that the G2 series will consist of 55-, 65–75-inch models. The company will also offer two new sets of 83 and 97 inches. The more affordable C2 series will consist of a total of six models, including a new 42-inch size that LG says is great for gaming on consoles and PCs. The rest of the C2 line consists of 48-, 55-, 65-, 77- and 83-inch sets. LG also plans to expand its QNED line of TVs to 2022. These sets will include Numer’s Quantum Dot NanoCell technology and offer 100 percent color volume.

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