10 Ways of How To Make Money as a Graphic Designer

Are you a graphic designer looking to increase your income? Whether you’re a graphic designer looking to boost your income, or someone who just wants a better way to pay for your services, this post focuses on 10 ways of how to make money as a graphic designer.

If you’re a graphic designer, then it’s time to make money. I’m confident it can be done, providing you have the right mindset and are willing to do the hard work. There are thousands of graphic designers out there who think they can make a living with their talent on the computer. But most of them don’t make much from it at all. They do get high-paying jobs every now and then but only for 1 project, not consistent income every month. That’s why I made a list of 10 ways of how to make money as a graphic designer.

Being a graphic designer is more than just making nice-looking images. It is a skill that is needed by businesses looking to market their business and sell products and services. To be successful as a graphic designer, you must know how to market yourself as well as your services.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over a million and a half jobs for graphic designers. That being said, those with the right skills and creativity can bring home some serious money.

Sell your art on Instagram

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Did you know that Instagram is the 2 nd hottest app on the planet with a 30 million dollars purchase price? It has already even surpassed Facebook and Yahoo! What do you need to know is that 60% of users are between 18–29 years old and more than 65% of them are women. That’s why it’s quite a popular choice for selling your works of art, images, cartoons and whatnot. Here are some tips on how to start making money selling your art on Instagram.

In order sell your art on instagram, you need to follow the following steps to be succeed in selling on instagram.

  • Post the top groove pictures
  • Keep a clean environment and natural glow
  • Adhere to your combined method
  • Use creative captions for story-telling
  • Use appropriate hashtags
  • Write a charming bio
  • Post frequently

Teach a graphic design online or face-to-face

I’ve taught graphic design online and face-to-face for 5 years. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Here I will teach you how to make a living teaching graphic design online or face-to-face.

There are plenty of opportunities to teach graphic design. Most universities/colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, which is contingent on instruction and practical application of graphic design skills through classes and portfolio development. A different method for teaching graphic design is to provide your services as an individual or company to clients wanting to receive instruction in this area.

Earn Passive Income by Selling your Wall Art

Whether it’s famous artists or real-life subjects, wall art is loved by millions of people around the world. You can sell your wall art online and begin earning an additional stream of passive income in hours from today.

It may sound too good to be true, but selling wall art online can be a great stream of passive income. I’ve personally done it hundreds of times and have earned thousands of dollars by doing so. I use this technique to fund my travels, which is something I’m very passionate about.

Seeking Commissions for Your Hard Work

Have you ever wondered exactly how an artist becomes famous? Many are able to do this through marketing and self-promotion. There are a few things graphic designers can do to promote their businesses and their work, including Commissions.

A lot of graphic designers who want to make money will also self-publish their work. They can create books, magazines, and other forms. However, the main focus is on a digital platform such as an eBook. This allows them to start earning money right away. Social media is actually one of the places where graphic designers can start making money with their art and design. Commissions seem like a great opportunity for graphic designers to earn money.

Writing a Creative Blog

Do you want to earn money as a graphic designer? Many designers out there think the best strategy is to write a creative blog. This is an excellent way to increase your personal brand awareness and get found online.

When you attempt writing about design as a graphic designer, a number of issues arrive:

  • 1. Your creative blog needs content,
  • 2. your creative blog needs to be “search engine friendly”
  • 3. You don’t understand the actual idea of writing for the sake of it
  • 4. You have no idea what topics to write about or anything creative to say
  • 5. You’re constantly wondering if what you’re publishing is helpful

Sell your Artwork On Etsy Will Also Work for You

Sell your artwork on Etsy and you instantly become a small business owner. Selling artwork on Etsy means you have to do all of the selling, marketing, and finances involved in running your own store. It’s not going to be easy, but it is possible.

When you start a small business, the most important thing is to find your niche that sells the best, so if you’re a crafter or an artist of any kind, there’s nothing better than getting your works sold on Etsy. Although you may believe that the tough times are over, selling on Etsy comes with its own set of challenges which you have to know so that you can work your way around them in order to make sales.

Sell your Digital Assets on Creative Market

Creative Market is one of the most popular marketplaces for digital goods. Content creators like you can make good money by selling your own products on the marketplace. Perhaps you are a freelance web designer, or an Illustrator? In this in-depth review, you will learn how to get started to “sell your digital assets” and start making money online with Creative Market.

Are you ready to sell your digital assets on Creative Market? This post was written to help novice sellers and answer the most common questions we receive about selling on Creative Market. If you have other questions, feel free to email the creative market team.

  • Sign in to your Creative Market account
  • Click Commerce under Products
  • Click the Sell button

Teach Graphic Design on Youtube to make money

There has been a lot of buzz about teaching graphic design on Youtube and as you probably already know, Youtube is the second largest search engine used in the world today. It’s also a great opportunity to extend your reach to an entirely new audience. It’s certainly not without its challenges though and there are moments when I wonder if it’s time to throw in the towel and run.

When I first started out as a graphic designer, I was clueless that graphic design could be taught on Youtube. It wasn’t until I was constantly playing League of Legends and noticed how much work goes into the optimization of the designs that I started looking into Graphic design for Youtubers. Now after improving my skillset, I am starting to check out other graphic designers and teaching them about the basics of Youtube Graphic Design.

Create an Online Graphic Design Course and Sell

Selling a graphic design course is one of the powerful ways of how to make money as a graphic designer. My goal with this blog post is not to show you how to make a professional-looking graphic design course (which I will). My goal is to help you decide whether you want to create an online graphic design course and to help you get started. If not, that’s fine too.

The graphic design industry is worth billions of dollars per year. And lots of small businesses are looking to hire a good graphic designer to help them grow their business. But graphic design is not an easy field. There are so many different concepts, techniques, tips, tricks, and other things to master in order to be successful at it. That’s why, when someone offers an online Graphic Design Course, people flock to buy it without caring about the price or quality of the product.

Monetize Your Blog

Graphic design blogs have grown in popularity in recent years because there are so many opportunities to make money. If you’re interested in graphic design blogging then, there are even more reasons you should start a blog today to try and increase your chances of success. Let’s take a look at some tips for monetizing your graphic design blog. I came up with 4 ways that have worked for me, but there are plenty of other ways that you can find online and that may be more appropriate for your site.

For graphic designers who have a blog, finding ways to monetize it can be tough. This is where your followers can come into play, and make money from a graphic design blog. To do this you first need to start building up your audience by getting more followers on a daily basis, with targeted traffic using social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. The next key thing is having an email list of people who subscribe to receive your emails.

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