Michelle Yeoh in All Everywhere All at once New trailer


Mom (Michelle Yeoh) protects her family in the movie All Everywhere at Once.

Stephanie Hsu and Ke Huy Quan stand with Michelle Yeoh in the movie All Everywhere at Once.
Picture: A24

Sometimes you watch the trailer and just know you see something special. As if this could be the first look at your film probably kept for the rest of your life. Those instincts aren’t always right, but the trailer for All Everywhere All at once it gives off those vibrations. You are not ready for his magic. we were not.

Written and directed by Daniels — aka Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert—All Everywhere All at once is the team ‘s second feature film after 2016 is unforgettable a Swiss soldier. Like that movie, this one seems just as wild, because Michelle Yeoh plays “an exhausted Sino-American woman who can’t pay her taxes.” That. Of course. Look at this.

Shit, right? Talk about the serious To be John Malkovich, The Eternal Sun of the Immaculate Mind vibrations! And the supporting cast of Stephanie Hsu (Shang-Chi), Ke Huy QuanGoonies), James Hong (Great trouble in little China), Jenny SlateObviously a child), and Jamie Lee CurtisHalloween) is like who’s who of your favorite genre actors. Not to mention his wildly surreal story, which is obviously much more than a woman trying to pay taxes. It almost feels like live version Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse just instead of Spider-Man, it’s Michelle Yeoh.

That trailer is just full of beautiful visuals, weird oddities, and scenes that make you endlessly excited to see this movie — which fans can do first in South by Southwest, Austin, Texas. All Everywhere All at once is the film of the opening night of the film festival and will be screened on March 11 before its big debut on March 25th. Admittedly, it is impossible to say whether the film is a modern classic only from the trailer, but with these directors, this cast and this story, it obviously has all that potential and much more.

All Everywhere All at once opens March 25th.

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