Microsoft had to use Xbox dev kits to launch the ‘Halo Infinite’ tournament


Even Microsoft feels the sting going on Disadvantages of the Xbox. Kotaku notes Microsoft resorted to to use Xbox Series X dev kits (no picture) to launch the first big Hello infinite tournament, Halo Championship Series’ Raleigh Major, this weekend. Simply put, the company could not find enough retail consoles to use – “the lack of a global supply chain is real,” said Tahir Hasandjekic, head of eSport at 343 Industries.

Dev kits are “functionally identical” to standard consoles and will work that way, Hasandjekic added. They don’t look exactly the same, but contestants shouldn’t notice any differences from the systems they have at home.

The irony is thick, but it also highlights the severity of the console shortage over the course of a year Xbox X Series debuted. It is still difficult to buy a machine between a scalper and lack of chips throughout the industry, and Microsoft does not necessarily have privileged access to its own hardware. That being said, the company probably doesn’t want to create a habit of using development units. We won’t be surprised if Microsoft ensures that future HCS personal encounters rely on Xbox systems purchased in the store, if only to improve its public image.

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