Netflix’s 2022 Stop Motion Horror anthology, announcement


The family at Netflix’s The House sees their new home for the first time.

Picture: Netflix / Nexus Studios

No matter how old you are, houses They have the potential to be naturally intimidating, especially when you’re alone getting used to life there. This makes the environment such fertile ground for horror, and therefore great films like the original Advocacy or Amityville Horror, or Mike Flanagan Haunting shows. Netflix’s upcoming animated film horror series House he wants to explore this terror through a trio of different stories, each of which looks pretty scary to himself.

A stop-motion anthology will see people to move into solitude in different time periods and find that things are pretty … off. Whether it’s bugs coming out of every corner or a giant baby things lurking in the shadows and ready to sneak up on them, the titular house threatens consume your own residents and drive them crazy, if not completely harm them. It has been described as an “eccentric dark comedy”, which seems half true –they may be hiding laughter behind those dancing cockroaches.

Produced by UK-based Nexus Studios, all directors are experienced stop motion film directors. Belgian tag team Emma de Swaef and Marc James Roels (This magnificent cake!) direct the first chapter, about a 19th century family who wants to get their family names back; The second chapter, about today’s real estate builder who discovers that the home has unexpected guests, comes from a Swedish director Niki Lindroth von Bahr (COM)Burden); and Paloma Baeza (Poles Apart) The third chapter ends things with the landlady doing his best to rebuild the home in the future a world that seems rather postapocalyptic. The cast is pretty stellar, with Helen Bonham Carter, Matthew Goode, Susan Wokom and Jarvis Cocker.

Horror and animation are good friends, but you don’t see them every day in stop motion. Depending on how much you do animation, it’s possible that the last thing you saw hitting this particular niche was Paranorman almost ten years ago. Hopefully how good Netflix’s animated score was this year House continues this series when it premieres on January 14, 2022.

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