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Metaverse: Next Blockchain or Augmented Reality?

Consumers are becoming more and more involved in video conversations and wondering to themselves if “it could have been a lot easier than a phone call”? Especially when that video call involved a few people who have no idea how to use a computer, let alone connect to video. Add new complications we had to address, including (but not limited to) sending electronic invitations, downloading new software or applications, troubleshooting / possible delays due to technical issues, waiving personal information, and even paying for services in addition to our normal utility costs , and the plot thickens.

In this post-pandemic era, the vocabulary has changed from “establish a call” to “set up video conferencing,” says Ali Hashemian, president of Kinetic Financial. This was very convenient for the technology industry which continued to generate revenue in this social trend economy. While Hashemian’s expertise is not related to social media or technology in general; his expertise is in financial planning. How then to assess all these technological trends – and especially the metaverse – from a financial / investment perspective?

Hashemian goes on to explain,

“Don’t get me wrong, I believe video conferencing technology (especially the ability to share virtual and remote visual information) is a very powerful tool in almost every industry. The question is not “yes or no” but “when, why and how”.

“Let’s look at a few historically successful stock stories; I want you to ask yourself the same questions I asked. If you’re thinking about Amazon (NASDAQ 🙂 or Tesla (NASDAQ :), ‘yes or no’ doesn’t even seem relevant. And the ‘when, why and how’ always seemed obvious.

“Let’s move on to a more relevant and less obvious example: the blockchain (especially cryptocurrency). It was much harder for investors to decipher ‘yes or no’, and it still is. But if you look at ‘when, why and how’ there was almost no question. We were at a time when the world was looking for digital assets (when). Other asset classes were at their peak, so investors sought options but were reluctant to invest in traditional currencies and commodities (why). Blockchain offered digital, alternative and private ways of investing (how).

“Let’s look at augmented reality, which has been ahead of the blockchain for several years. It seems that the majority would answer ‘yes or no’ in the affirmative. Who wouldn’t want to wear glasses that can read your text messages, record everything you saw that day, and tell you about the temperature in real time? But if you think from the position of ‘when, why and how’, you get a different picture.

“It is true that we already had our smartphones that gave us access to all the same information; but instead of all this information being constantly pushed through our glasses, we get it on demand via our phones. At a time when people want to have control over the impact that technology has on their lives, the increase in reality has not matched our social trends (when). Since we had many options that could give us the same information without added augmented reality technology, there was no real practical reason to adopt the new technology (why). To use augmented reality, you should either integrate a new device that would be expensive and possibly change your image, like glasses, or stare at a phone camera your whole life – pretty unreasonable from a practical standpoint (how).

“I think it is too early, from an investment point of view, to determine the financial value of the metaverse. However, it is important to put on your financial glasses (no play on words) when deciding on a strategy for your money. This could be a good opportunity to test your rational investment skills. Does ‘when, why and how’ create a demand for the three-dimensional existence of the internet or do you just follow a simplified view of ‘yes or no’ investments ”?


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