PayPal is abolishing the mandates of non-profit organizations that fight vaccines


PayPal is the latest technology giant to join the game of censorship, closing its services to various non-profit organizations working to stop the injection mandate.

This increasingly orchestrated attack targeted the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), the COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) Front Line, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and many others – and should scare anyone who values ​​the freedom they care about. founded by the USA.

There are powerful forces at play, and among them is Big Tech, which works to suppress, discredit, and silence certain sciences, speech, and attitudes. “There is no longer any doubt,” said investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, “that the interests of the vaccine industry and other corporate and political interests are pulling the strings so that Big Tech is moving to crush scientific views, studies, scientists and opposing views.”1

NVIC triumphs despite PayPal attack

On December 21, 2021, after business hours, PayPal informed NVIC that it would no longer process donations from their supporters – effective immediately. “Essentially,” NVIC wrote in a press release, “PayPal wants to control your choices and tell you which nonprofits you can support and which you can’t. The sudden and inexplicable action of Pay Pal against our donors comes in the middle of our annual fundraising campaign at the end of the year. ”2

PayPal’s attack on them is the culmination of Big Tech’s attempts to silence the non-profit organization. After NVIC held its Fifth International Public Conference on Vaccination – Health and Autonomy in the 21st Century – in October 2020, they were increasingly targeted by the mainstream media and the “political operative in the UK” During 2021, they were eliminated from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – but their decision to share the truth did not waver.

The same goes after PayPal’s announcement that they have terminated NVIC’s account. That didn’t stop NVIC – the non-profit organization simply provided a new secure platform for donations. They announced on December 24, 2021:3

“Just as we turned in early 2021 to establish our presence on new social media platforms, NVIC quickly established a secure alternative to PayPal for processing your credit card donations… NVIC is under fierce censorship as we tell the truth about vaccination, health and autonomy 40 years.

As high technology and the forced vaccination lobby deliver a steady supply of authoritarian propaganda that promotes fear and hatred toward those who engage in rational thinking, NVIC will continue to defend the legal right to make voluntary vaccination decisions without penalty for its choice as we move forward with our prevention mission. injuries and deaths from vaccines through public education and the defense of informed consent ethics. ”

The press after PayPal’s cancellation worked against the tech giant as it encouraged NVIC supporters to help with the response. As Attkisson explained:4

“The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is one of many fact-based advocacy groups that have suffered from severe censorship by Big Tech acting on behalf of pharmaceutical / government / corporate interests. But victory can be found in a strategy that turns censorship upside down.

If Americans can use censorship as a sign or guide to seek more information about a topic, person, or study, they defeat the censor’s intent.

After NVIC was kicked out of PayPal so fan donations could not be processed during a key fundraising campaign, the nonprofit announced it had established a presence on an alternative fundraising platform. And the American people responded. NVIC has announced the receipt of significant donations and support on the new platform, in part because of the attention paid by PayPal censorship to the issue. ”

PayPal claims that there has been a violation of the “Acceptable Use” policy.

In October 2021, the self-proclaimed Media Guardians group accused PayPal and GoFundMe of “hosting mass funding campaigns for organizations that spread harmful misinformation about COVID-19”.5

Some of the organizations mentioned in the article include the COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) Front Line, America’s Frontline Doctors, and Children’s Health Defense, which talk about early COVID-19 treatments and red flags of censorship since the pandemic began.

Defining them as “groups known for spreading medical misinformation”, the article, which itself spreads misinformation, then calls for PayPal’s policy of not allowing users to “provide false, inaccurate or misleading information”, among other things.6

In short, people and organizations are censored, deplatformed and banned on social media and payment processing platforms for the crime of spreading “misinformation”, the meaning of which can change from day to day and from platform to platform.

In July 2021, Reuters also reported that PayPal plans to investigate transactions funded by hate groups, anti-government organizations and extremists. However, it is unclear how they define these terms or the groups that fall under them.7

It is a modern witch hunt, in which the US Department of Homeland Security even cites the publication of “false narratives” about COVID-19 as the greatest threat to national security, which basically puts the target of “domestic terrorists” on the backs of those of us identified as the most prolific “spreaders” of misinformation about COVID-19, whatever that “misinformation” may be.

In the case of OCA, which also abruptly withdrew from PayPal, they were said to have violated the company’s “acceptable use” policy. In a message to its subscribers and donors, the OCA openly said, “We have been attacked.” They continued:8

Last week, PayPal, our credit card processor for hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, (and recurring donations) terminated all of our accounts (OCA, Regeneration International, and Citizens Regeneration Lobby) without notice, claiming we violated PayPal’s “Acceptable Use” policy. ”.

This outrageous OCA fundraising attack is similar to the intimidation and censorship carried out by other Silicon Valley giants such as Facebook, which threatened to cut off OCA and Millions Against Monsanto by cutting off our two million followers on social media unless we stop talking about the origin, nature, virulence, prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

We were then forced to publish two different versions of our weekly newsletter, Organic Bytes, one uncensored for our subscribers, the other censored for distribution on social media. Needless to say, the OCA will not give up on our investigative reporting, our allegations of corporate and state corruption and crime, and our telling of the truth about genetic engineering and COVID-19.

We are investigating lawsuits against PayPal with lawyers and related organizations that support freedom of speech and telling the truth. ”

Like NVIC, the OCA did not deter PayPal from censorship; they simply switched to another credit card processor to continue their mission, despite constant attempts at intimidation by the government and Big Tech censorship.

PayPal Mafia

Many may not be aware of the close ties between PayPal’s first employees, who became known as the “PayPal Mafia,” and the big names in today’s technology industry. As the Insider reported, “The Paying Company – started in 1998 by Peter Thiel, Max Levchin and Luke Nosek – has become a Silicon Valley giant.

It was bought by eBay in 2002 for $ 1.5 billion in a contract that changed the history of Silicon Valley and helped create the careers of some of the most famous technology names. ”9 This includes:10

  • Palantir – This data analysis software company was founded by Thiel in 2003; the idea came from his experiences with credit card fraud at PayPal.
  • Afirm – This company allows people who shop online to pay for products over time using their current credit line. It was founded in 2013 by Max Levchin, one of the co-founders of PayPal.
  • YouTube – YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley worked at PayPal in the early days.
  • SpaceX – Banking company Elona Muska merged with Thiel’s Confinity to become PayPal in 2001. Not only was Musk a former CEO of PayPal, but he earned $ 165 million when he sold PayPal, which was used to launch SpaceX.
  • LinkedIn – The founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, was a former executive vice president at PayPal.

Great technological censorship is widespread

PayPal’s abolition of nonprofits is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Big Tech and its censorship of the information you see on the internet every day. Efforts to shut down public debates and information are in full swing, while Big Tech is also actively manipulating what you can and can’t see on the internet, to the point that they can change perceptions of reality.

Zachary Vorhies, a former senior software engineer at Google and Google YouTube, has uncovered more than 950 pages of confidential Google Docs showing a plan to re-rank the entire Internet based on Google’s corporate values, using machine learning to intervene for “honesty.”

He resigned in June 2019 and submitted the documents to the Ministry of Justice, then released them to the public through Project Veritas to expose Google’s censorship activities.11 Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO, made pushing “fake news” and increasing “authoritative news” sound like a good thing, Attkisson reported.12 but when Vorhies looked at Google’s design documents, the fake news they censored wasn’t actually fake.

“I was apolitical,” he said, “but I started thinking, is this really fake news? Why do they define it as fake news to justify censorship? ” Part of that involved Google’s efforts on social reconstruction to correct “algorithmic injustice,” which could be any algorithm that reinforces existing stereotypes.

Can objective reality be algorithmically unfair? Google says yes. Vorhies used the example of Google search for CEOs, and the images returned included mostly men. While this is a reality, it could be considered algorithmically unfair and, according to Google, justifies intervention to fix it. It also uses an example of automated search recommendations that appear if you search on Google.

Autofill is what happens when you start typing a search query into a search engine and algorithms are activated to offer suggestions to complete the search. If you type “men can”, you can get autocomplete recommendations such as “men can breastfeed” and “men can get pregnant” or “women can produce sperm” – things that represent stereotype inversion and gender reversal.

They’ve led us to believe that what autocomplete recommendations are what most people ask for – Google said the suggestions given are generated by a collection of user data – but that’s not true, at least not anymore.

The FLCCC also canceled PayPal

In another example of the over-reach of Big Tech and PayPal, they also shut down the FLCCC’s donation platform on October 15, 2021, “in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy”.13 “Great technicians certainly think we have a big impact,” the FLCCC tweeted. “We are.”14 But again, it’s not just PayPal – this is the orchestrated effort of Big Tech, in agreement with the government, the media, intelligence agencies and other forces. As reported by the FLCCC:15

“These attacks join LinkedIn and Vime, which removed our accounts, and YouTube, which started removing our videos a few months ago. The powerful forces of Big Tech, Big Pharma, government, health authorities and the mainstream media continue to push us. There is nothing false in anything we publish.

This is an attack on our fundraising ability, our freedom of speech and our efforts to share effective, safe protocols for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 to help people around the world stay out of the hospital – and save precious lives affected by this dangerous virus. “

What can you do? Fight the heavy hand of censorship by defeating them in their own game. Instead of ignoring, fearing, or abandoning censored information, do as Attkisson suggested – use censorship as a sign or guide that you should delve deeper into the subject matter to uncover the underlying truth.


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