Personal trainer Will Smith on getting in the best shape of his life


Take a closer look emotions related to certain behaviors – like picking up a box of donuts when you are sad or the pleasure that comes from crazy eating on the couch – can be embarrassing.

“Most people aren’t ready to go there,” Ferguson says.

“Those who are ready to go there are not ready to look then: ‘What made me feel emotional at that moment, that I want to shift my energy by eating food? ‘”he says.

This is called different levels of consciousness, Ferguson says.

“Unless we start to understand ourselves to a greater extent and really allow ourselves to go deeper vulnerable spaces, then we can create a shift. ”

This “higher level awareness”Is how many people maintain fit physique for years, even decades, without yo-yo diet, he says.

“[If] you understand yours relationship with food, then you are not inclined to use it in a way that is not beneficial for your health, ”says Ferguson. “It’s the same with exercise.”

Practicing moderation, during your stay consistent, is also a priority.

“Even free time, maintenance, it’s also very important, “says Ferguson.

Know your limits

While Smith may have accepted two great challenges – that is, writing memoirs and molt pounds in a fairly short period of time – that doesn’t mean we should all do something similar.

“Someone like Will – who was so successful in what he did – he’s a beast, he can handle these things of enormous size,” Ferguson says.

“For some people, ah to practice program it may be enough, ”he says.

“Trying to maintain it 100% every day, it can be challenging, especially if you have a full-time job, if you have kids, regardless of your life circumstances.”

The main thing is not to go past your own edge, and that edge will depend on the person.

“I always encourage people who pass 10% beyond what they are, but I have left many times more of 10%, and I suffered the consequences, ”says Ferguson.


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