Phemex is celebrating its second anniversary by donating $ 200,000 in prizes for free by BTC colleagues


Phemex is celebrating its second anniversary with a free $ 200,000 prize

It’s been several eventful years since Phemex was first founded in 2019. As part of its 2nd anniversary celebrations, Singapore’s global crypto-derivatives platform is letting you have fun. Phemex is pretty familiar with creating exciting events and gifts for its community, as it recently hosted a trading competition with a prize pool of over $ 750,000!

In addition to its extensive $ 120,000 Christmas campaign in holiday gifts, Phemex is also now sharing daily prizes from the $ 200,000 fund to celebrate its 2nd anniversary with the Energy Cates campaign. These rewards come in the form of energy boxes, which will feature goodies ranging from trade bonuses and contractual discounts to themed merchandise and free premium memberships. You will definitely want to open these crates.

The gift season is upon us, and Phemex is sharing these crates for free! The Energy Cates event will run for three weeks starting Dec. 24, so tell your friends and sign up now! Plus, sharing events on social media increases your chances of opening a winning chest – the more, the better.

2nd Anniversary Energy Crates

Participants will be allowed to open up to three boxes of energy each day during the event. Each box can contain some fantastic goodies, and opening and downloading these prizes is completely free! Winnings from the inbox will accumulate and users can see them directly on the landing page of the event.

Users will need to complete the KYC process on the platform before they are eligible to download and use the prizes. More details on how participants can complete the KYC on the platform can be found in Phemex’s user guide on the subject.

Although users can open up to three crates a day, each crate does not guarantee a reward. However, participants who share the event on social media will have a better chance of getting the winning boxes. Because the event runs for a full three weeks, it gives attendees up to 63 free crates to open during the campaign.

Prizes from open crates will be listed on the landing page until January 13, 2022, when the event closes, but prizes will remain after the event ends. A total of $ 200,000 will be split into prizes, with different boxes with different types of prizes.

Of the various prizes that users can win, some are discounts on contract trading, which can be extremely useful for users who regularly trade crypto or standing contracts with a margin in USD. Phemex recently unveiled its inverse eternal future, so this would be a great time to check out that trading couple!

Other crates contain trading bonuses, which give users an added advantage when playing in the winnings market. Some lucky participants may even gain access to Phemex’s premium membership, which is very lucrative for day traders as it allows zero-free trading for all orders in the spot market.

Get to know your community

To participate in the event, users must be registered on the Phemex platform. Although non-KYC accounts may participate, they will only be able to access the prizes after completing the KYC confirmation. In addition, participating accounts cannot be locked or frozen.

Prizes will be divided into accounts for trading associated users. For example, contractual discounts will be applied to users’ accounts for contractual trading, while spot trade bonuses will be applied to their prompt accounts.

Premium rewards can be activated via Phemex’s Premium Membership page, and only major accounts are eligible to participate. It also means that the platform will disqualify users who create more than one account using multiple email addresses in hopes of getting more bonuses. Accounts deemed to be fraudulent will be prohibited from using the exchange.

The cryptocurrency space is advancing rapidly, attracting investors from all over the world, especially in the last two years. However, given that the industry is built on the foundations of a digitalized economy, it is even more important to keep bad actors away.

Although fraudulent transactions can occur, the blockchain is not designed to enable them. As hackers and fraudsters become better at using technology for illegal activities, blockchain platforms need to introduce better standards to keep users ’funds secure, and here KYC can help.

Phemex has evolved remarkably in just two years, expanding its offering from just three contract pairs to nearly 40 pairs for spot and contract trading and gathering close to 2 million users worldwide. Today, the exchange is among the top 10 derivatives trading platforms globally and is fully compliant with regulatory requirements, including the KYC and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) protocols.

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