Playmates unveils a new line of action figures Star Trek Universe


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However, getting a brand new pack are the last two figures of the first wave, mainly because the new characters are: DiscoverySarah and Michael Burnham. Inspired Discoverycostumes for the early season (before skip time in the 31st century), these are the only figures so far in any of the originating series Track‘s CBS-All-Access-turned– Paramount + era show.

New figures, whether remodeling old characters or taking on new ones, it seems to be very reminiscent of the Playmates era of the 90s Track figures, albeit more modern articulations and somewhat larger (old figures were mostly in the scale of 4.5 “). It is an interesting show given that Track fans got burned on action figures more focused on collectors when McFarlane’s own Star Trek line extinguished after only two editions. But if Playmates want to rely on memories of the 90s, they will have to dive deep into it TrackA huge backlog of characters, just like the old figures did. Where is mine Vedek Bareil action figure?

The first wave of Star Trek Playmates toys should hit online retailers in July 2022, and physical stores in the fall, ahead of the second wave of 2023.

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