Pradhan Mantri Gramin Ujala Yojana

 In today’s era, the government is making many efforts for the development of the people of rural areas, which include different schemes such as supply of roads and electricity and water and the most essential items related to daily life. Today we are going to talk about one such scheme, whose name is Pradhan Mantri Gramin Ujala Yojana. have advantage.

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Under the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Yojana, there is a provision to distribute LED bulbs to all the families of rural areas for just ₹ 10 , Under this scheme, three to four LED bulbs will be distributed to each household. This scheme is being implemented by the Prime Minister in 5 cities of the country, under which this scheme will be implemented in the rural areas connected with those cities.

The main objective of Pradhan Mantri

Gramin Ujala Yojana is to reduce the news of electricity till the village. Earlier, 100 watt bulb was being used in place of LED bulb, due to which a large amount of electricity was consumed, which was reduced. This scheme has been started by the government. By 2021, this scheme will be reached to about 18 to 20 crore beneficiaries, in which more than 60 crore LED bulbs will be distributed.

Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani set to cut back the value of semiconductor diode bulb following overwhelming response by folks of Gujarat underneath UJALA Yojana. As per his call, the bulb are sold with value of Rs. sixty five per bulb for money and Rs. seventy per bulb for EMI in conjunction with keeping similar rate for each residential and business shoppers of the state.

Pradhan Mantri Gramin Ujala Yojana

CM Shri Rupani has additionally set to initiate merchandising of semiconductor diode tube-light and five-star rated energy-efficient fans underneath Domestic economical Lighting Programme launched by the Union Government. As per his call, twenty watt semiconductor diode tube-light are given to shoppers with a price of Rs. 210 by money with a complete reduction of Rs. twenty in its value assigned by the Union Government.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

વિડિઓ જોવા માટે અહીં કલિક કરો

The Five-star rated energy economical fan are sold at Rs. 1,110 value with a complete reduction Rs. forty in its value assigned by the Union Government for the full nation. The EMI price of semiconductor diode tube-light and fan are Rs. 230 and Rs. 1260 severally.

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Ujala scheme started from which state

Pradhan Mantri Ujala Scheme

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