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Watching a professional DJ spinning random scratches, loops and patterns it is in an attractive melody fascinating. If it’s a skill you’ve been striving for or just one you’d like to experiment with At leisure, Pioneer’s new DDJ-REV1 is an affordable all-in-one alternative for a couple of thousand dollars for a pair of turntables and a mixer — assuming you already have a laptop.

What started as a way to turn a pair of turntables into a playing instrument has evolved into a true musical art form, although the equipment has changed dramatically over the decades. Belt-powered turntables that power home stereos in the 70s and 80s have been replaced by direct-drive alternatives with more torque and power such as Technique 1200 Panasonic’s line, which has remained DJ’s favorite tool to this day, while simple mixers with cross-feeders have gained the ability to quickly and easily record and reproduce patterns and instantly create loops.

Searching music stores in search of rare vinyl for samples was also once a big part of DJ culture, but even that has been simplified over the years. Now vinyl records have special coding of that computer software can read and use to control the playback of digital files. DJs who specialize in techniques such as scratching and beat juggling still rely on a pair of turntables with a mixer in between, while those performing at clubs often prefer the fully digital DJ controllers they offer. more functionality and less footprint. Wwith the new DDJ-REV1, Pioneer brings the best of both of these settings into a more affordable solution.

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Officially available today for ~ $ 340 (€ 299) Pioneer DDJ-REV1 is charged as a “Scratch style 2-channel DJ controller” compatible with Serato DJ Lite software running on PC or Serato DJ Pro software as an optional paid upgrade. It’s not the first DJ controller for consumers from Pioneer, but is the first to have a look that is more optimized for scratching. Have larger running wheels borrowed from one of Pioneer’s more professional controllers and longer tempo sliders now running horizontally above each wheel — a setting that makes the DDJ-REV1 feel more like a pair of Technics turntables or Pioneer’s own PLX line.

Other layout changes include buttons on the performance panel moved to the center of the controller next to the mixer controls where you will also now find FX blades, located in the same place where they can be found on Pioneer DJM-S mixers series prof. The new DDJ-REV1 is not only introducing future scratch DJs to equipment used by well-known artists, but also includes software tools for Help amateurs produce songs of professional sound with less hours spent in practiceing.

The Tracking Scratch feature automatically returns the track to the starting point when the start wheels are rotated backwards or when the performer moves his hand away, making it easier to scratch a particular pattern with perfect precision without the use of a crossfader. ANDAutomatic Scratch Crossfader Cuts patterns can recreate unique sounds created by skillful manipulation of crossfaders – without the need for skills. Is that cheating? Maybe, but those who want to pursue this only as a hobby will certainly not be interested, and it seems that Pioneer is aiming for this with this new controller.


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