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Cobra Kai against Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do, in the form of a poster.

New poster for Cobra Kai fourth season.
Picture: Netflix

For years, Karate Kid fans looked down Karate Kid Part III. That is changing this month when Karate Kid Part III it looks great Cobra Kai. The upcoming fourth season of the hit Netflix series debuts Dec. 31, and the return of co – founder Cobra Kai and part III villain Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffin) will obviously shake up martial arts across the San Fernando Valley.

You see that and more throughout the trailer for Cobra Kai fourth season. It reminds you of that last season ended with Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny (William Zabka) by pooling stripping forces Cobra Kai and John Kreese (Martin Kove). But Kreese has a few tricks up his sleeve: getting Silver back, for example, as well as recruiting Robby (Tanner Buchanan), who is both Johnny’s son and Daniel’s protégé.

That trailer is just full Cobra Kai kindness. See Johnny perform Mr. Miyagi’s techniques like “Wax On, Wax Off”. Johnny allows his students to punch each other in the stomach and … does he want to fly over buildings? Robby teaches Cobra a few of Miyagi’s tricks, and Terry Silver also comes out on the mat. There is a prom night scene. Then, of course, it ends with what looks like the biggest All-Valley tournament to date, where you can bet all the results will be leveled. At least for this season.

Even before watching that trailer, Cobra Kai the fourth season just had so many questions ready to answer. Can Daniel and Johnny work together? How would Johnny feel if Robby trained with his former sensei? What will Daniel think when he sees Terry Silver again? And will the blood feud between Sam (Mary Mouser) and Tory (Peyton List) ever come to an end?

All this and more will be answered in new episodes Cobra Kai hit Netflix on December 31st. And check out io9 next week for some teasing from the series creators about what’s in store for the fourth season.

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