Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers have titled two books of Captain America


The art of Alex Ross Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson in action as Captain America.

Picture: Marvel Comics

When Sam Wilson received the title of Captain of America from his longtime friend Steve Rogers during the Marvel movie “Marvel NOW!” to re-launch in 2015, it was only a matter of time before both come back to be a Falcon and encourage on Cap in MCU. Now that Captain America 4 is on the horizon, Marvel comics would like to do what was probably supposed to be done afterThe Secret Kingdom: Instead of Sam coming back as Falcon, he and Steve will only be Captain America.

In the upcoming comic Captain America: a symbol of truth author of the novel Tochi Onyebuchi (Beasts created from the night, Riot Baby) and cartoonist RB SilvaPowers X), Sam will return to the Cap cap and will be in the public eye again. The public perception of Sam as Cap was part of Nick Spencer ran with the character and Onyebuchi he told Entertainment Weekly how he believed it was worth coming back to. “There are so many characters yet to interact with Sam as Captain America,” he explained, “a dynamic we haven’t seen … WWhat does it mean for the rest of the world to accept Black Captain America?

A symbol of Truth is an appropriate subtitle for a book, where Sam is investigating a conspiracy that naturally involves uncovering secrets about America that her government would have preferred not to have. As a fan of world spy thrillers, Onyebuchi could not miss the opportunity to put Sam in such a conspiracy. Since America has a history of shadowy politics, especially in terms of their foreign policy, he wanted to explore how Sam and his teammate Joaquin Torres (Second Falcon) he would move around that world in a different way than Steve.

Cover of RB Silva for Captain America: Symbol of Truth # 1, with Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Picture: Marvel Comics

As Sam handles things across the country, Steve’s book will be firmly rooted in America. Captain America: Sentinel of Freedom from writer duo Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelley with art Hellions’ Carmen Carnero will explore how much things have changed in the decades since his icy nap and return afterwards. As a member of the “greatest generation,” Kelly believed Steve could be used as an excellent starting point to explore a “radical shift” in America, especially in recent years. Ta-Nehisi Coates’ recent run he investigated this as well, and Lanzing admitted that they wanted to continue that thread with colleague Bucky Barnes.

“There’s a lot of Steve looking inside he has to do it in terms of his legacy and himself, ”Lanzing said, adding that the book would be more of a story about Steve himself than about Captain America, even though he still has the title. “What does Captain America mean to Steve? What specifically do his friends need from him? In our book, he will really look at what it means to be Steve Rogers. ”

Carmen Carnero’s cover for Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty # 1, on which Steve Rogers throws his shield.

Picture: Marvel Comics

Both books will be published Captain America No. 0 written by all three writers and drawn by Mattia De Lulis, what Lanzing called a “conversation” between Steve and Sam about their shared duty as Captain America as they fought Arnim Zola. From there, these two books will explore their men struggling with American heritage and their complicated feelings about it. “Cap can’t turn his back on America, neither can Caps,” Kelley admitted. “They believe that the idea is good, that the core is good and that it is worth fighting for. But they both have to deal with what it means. ”

Captain America No. 0 the first will be released on April 20, followed by Sam’s Symbol of Truth # 1 in May, and aimed at Steve Sentinel of Liberty # 1 in July.

Mark Brooks cover for Captain America # 0 with Captains America and their supporting cast.

Picture: Marvel Comics

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