Samsung’s new Galaxy phones will have discarded fishing nets


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.
Photography: He was submissive (Getty Images)

Your next Samsung Galaxy will feature new material made from repurposed, discarded fishing nets that would otherwise end up in the oceans. There is only one mystery: it is not clear what the material is. Consequently, we also don’t know how it will fit into the phone — if it does in phone – its accessories or packaging.

Samsung has unveiled its new “creative” material news announcement on Sunday. The mystery comes before him Galaxy unpacked event this coming Wednesday, where the release of its new flagship series, the Galaxy S22, is expected. According to the company, it will include repurposed ocean-bound plastics throughout its “now and in the future” product line, starting with the new Galaxy devices to be launched in Unpacked.

“These devices will reflect our ongoing efforts to eliminate disposable plastics and expand the use of other environmentally conscious materials, such as recycled materials after consumption (PCM) and recycled paper,” Samsung said in a statement. news.

Discarded fishing nets.

Discarded fishing nets.
Photography: Samsung

The company further says discarded fishing nets, also known as “ghost nets,” capture and entangle marine life, damage coral reefs and destroy habitats. Not wrong. The World Wildlife Fund reports that ghost fishing equipment, which includes discarded nets, ropes and ropes, makes up approximately 10% of the more than 12 million tons of plastic pollution that ends up in the oceans each year. It is one of the deadliest forms of marine plastic.

Samsung is not the only company to have entered the August of Sustainable Materials. As Engadget points out, Microsoft has launched Ocean plastic mouse last year. The armor of the device is made of 20% recycled ocean plastic, which is processed into plastic resins. The pellets are then combined with other materials to make a shell. As for the packaging, it is also environmentally friendly and is made from recycled wood and natural sugar cane fibers.

We will find out what Samsung’s mysterious and creative new material is on Wednesday. You can check out what we know about the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event here.


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