Some Apple employees go out on Christmas Eve


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A group of Apple employees announced that they would organize a trip to Christmas Eve to demand better working conditions and urged the public not to shop in stores or online on Friday.

IN Twitter post on Thursday, employees of the Apple Together Group, which consists of employees in the company’s retail, corporate and AppleCare divisions, demanded paid sick leave and appropriate mental health care, among others. The group seems to be an extension The #AppleToo movement, which was formed to collect stories from employees at all levels at Apple who have experienced harassment or discrimination.

“We are Apple. We deserve a job with respect. We deserve paid sick leave. We deserve protection on the front lines. We deserve adequate protection of mental health, “the workers wrote.

Although organizers said strike funds were available to passersby, emergency fund to which they are linked only accept applications for scholarships on the waiting list.

Gizmodo contacted Apple for comment on the departure and the demands of the workers, but received no response until the announcement. We will definitely update this article if we receive a response.

It was not immediately clear how many employees would be involved in leaving on Friday, the last day to buy customer gifts before Christmas, when Apple Stores will be closed. Some former Apple employees welcomed the effort on social media and stated that working in the company’s stores gave them experience extreme stress, burn, i harassment from customers.

If Apple Together workers really leave on Friday, the protest would be another example of growing activism and rejection by the company employee. In addition to the #AppleToo movement, there is a group of employees in June wrote a letter to CEO Tim Cook and the executive team asking them to support those who want to continue working remotely. An apple in essence refused that request and continued plans to launch a hybrid working pilot in February 2022.

Still, the company is recent postponed launch his pilot in light of the spread of the omicron variant of the coronavirus and said the date of his return to the office “has not yet been determined”.


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